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Forum post of the day: I need that for my PvP set {WoW}

Jul 17th 2008 4:35AM I think it's too bad for the tank he lost the item, but they should have agreed a policy in advance.

The hunter did took his part of the effort in doing the instance, and had the right to roll on it then, if people aren't allowed to roll for their offspecs then prolly no pug would ever be going on currently. Normally people find it rather nice to have that extreme overgeared player with them running the instance for a offspec of his.

I am a Tank myself, and often find myself in the same situation, but without a policy we agreed on, the other has the right to roll, period. (ofcourse you can play on his gentleman self, but don't demand it).

Apart from that, myself i am only running pugs for gearing my offspecs+rep. otherwise i would simply not be joining.