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The Daily Quest: Poor Mr. Bigglesworth {WoW}

Nov 9th 2009 7:31PM This is how people get the nickname "huntard".

The sordid past of Mac OS X {}

Aug 27th 2009 11:36AM Stop trying to tell everyone to pronounce it Oh Ess Ten, because its not. We are now up to Oh Ess Sixteen. You sound stupid and pompous calling it ten.

It is Oh Ess Ecks. Period.

The only reason apple didnt call 10.1 version 11 is cause the X was too damn hip. Marketing. Period.

Call it OSX, just like it says on the box.

First Look: USB-powered Mimo 710-S display (which you could win) {}

Aug 26th 2009 12:35PM While raiding in world of warcraft, its often very helpful to be able to see who is talking on Ventrilo (external speech client), but to do that, you have to have WoW not-maximised.

A side monitor can be used to display the ventrilo window, so you can quickly see who's saying what, and be better able to respond.

Apple posts "Notebook" keynote event video {}

Oct 14th 2008 4:10PM Color me totally underwhelmed. Instead of refreshing the macbooks, they splintered the product line, didn't bother to name the new splinter, and gouged on what should have been freebie upgrades to the product.


Also, not too impressed on the small amount of memory and drive space all across the board. I'm really tired of Apple gouging on pathetically cheap upgrades.

Apple schedules laptop event for Oct. 14; leaked photos abound {}

Oct 9th 2008 1:47PM Right there with you. I've been dying for 9-11" Macbooks forever. What is Job's obsession of huge screens? If anything, the iPod/Touch/Phone market should have shown Job's that you can do awesome things without a ginormous and expensive monitor. But no. Apple refuses to either deliver or let a third party license the OS. /sigh

Techspansion closes, VisualHub discontinued {}

Oct 3rd 2008 2:58PM The Latest release is on Thepiratebay with working serial. (the trial mode is limited to 5 minutes of output, so you'll need the serial for anything and everything)

Techspansion closes, VisualHub discontinued {}

Oct 3rd 2008 2:57PM Open source what tho? There isn't anything worthwhile to take open source. There doesn't really seem to be anything in visualhub besides a bad gui on top of FFmpeg, which is already open source.

eeeMac runs OS X on an even smaller portable than the Air {}

Sep 12th 2008 7:36AM This is the type of device I've been waiting on pins and needles for his jobsliness to release. /sigh instead we got the craptasticly expensive MBA.

...someday I will be able to afford to buy my kids their own macs without pissing away their college funds...

TUAW Poll: What's your favorite nano-chromatic color? {}

Sep 10th 2008 12:27PM Believe it or not, I'd really like a brown one. Lacking that, black will do.

Monitor your Mac's health with CheckUp {}

Sep 4th 2008 1:15PM Dude, its an app for a mac. We gladly pay for eyecandy. If we chose function over form, we would all be using linux, not osx.