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All the World's a Stage: Getting ready for Cataclysm {WoW}

Apr 19th 2010 7:36AM I don't play on a RP server, but all my characters have a backstory and a few current affairs notes. How exactly they will react to the events about to happen depends on where they are when it happens.

My Blood Elf rogue is seriously considering handing back her assignment as "Horde liason" after the political madness she saw in Northrend. When you feel like sticking a dagger in your "boss" his back, neck or anywhere else within reach, you need to get out. Nowadays just mentioning the name Garrosh is enough to have her sharpening her daggers.

Her Hunter teammate doesn't like what she sees either, but is willing to stick around. Honour drives her to stay at her post, but that is more often in the wilds than within cities so that helps. She has noticed her companion animals getting restless lately, but has no idea what is causing it.

The Death-Knight is at the moment lost in too many ways to count. Arthas' death did not bring her the release she expected, nor the feeling of vengeance done she hoped for. Without a focus for her hate she now feels emptier than ever before, and has no idea how to solve it.

My mage has been accepted as a student by the Kirin Tor. Most of the events in Northrend passed her by because she was not on the frontlines. How much she'll be involved in the events depends on how much of it will hit Dalaran directly.

The Draenei paladin did her tour of duty in Northrend as a third wave recruit, so she did not see much heavy fighting. She is now thinking about moving to Stormwind or Ironforge to study the ways of the Light as humans and dwarves see it.

My Draenei Hunter (deep BM) and Night Elf Druid (deep Cat) both have the same problem, they feel they are getting more feral and that something is setting them on edge. They have been getting together to find out why (each thinking the other would know more about the animal side of things), and so far they have found out that the hunter is mirroring her companions' feelings, and the druid feels less on edge when in elf form (which doesn't happen often). Both have also noticed that in Outland the feeling is gone and in a few days their inner calm returns. Northrend also seems to have a lesser sense of wrongness, but as it is still undead-central only Sholazar feels anything like "normal".

Still working on the new toons, but aside from a Gilnean rogue trying not to get caught in several ways, a Goblin happy in her tailor shop and a young Troll trying to decide what she wants to be or do aside from "seeing the world" there's not much of a backstory yet.

The Queue: Decisions, decisions {WoW}

Apr 12th 2010 11:46AM Looks like you'll have to flip a coin to decide between Taco or KFC.

I have deleted a L70 main in BC. I got my main up to L70 first, then decided to try out a Draenei of the same class just for fun and to do a bit of level based research. I liked the Draenei so much after a few weeks that I decided to make her my main. When alt-itis hit and I needed to clear a few slots I deleted my old main (was also my very first toon). Wasn't easy and I did stare at that delete button for a while, but back then we didn't have achievements yet... that would have made it a lot harder.

WoW Rookie: What's "move out of the fire" in your language? {WoW}

Mar 11th 2010 6:21PM @ Lupius: It only becomes Holy Ghost when you do a literal word for word translation, no bible needed just *cough* Babelfish *hack*. In the same manner Turn Undead will translate back to Become Undead.

Aspect of the Pack and tanking & melee in general do not play nice together. You'd be surprised how many of our fellow hunters have NOT learned that lesson after 5 years. Especially when dealing with a tank-on-a-clock or after a run back through part of an instance.

WoW Rookie: What's "move out of the fire" in your language? {WoW}

Mar 11th 2010 12:28PM As the many Dutch list show, game-terms are not translated. Most games don’t translate them, so the player doesn’t bother with it either. English terms are often shorter and why translate something that people will translate back to English in their heads anyway? (e.g. Spell names)

Dutch can be grammatically pretty flexible and tends to have several terms for the same thing (hence the many lists you got already):

Hello – Hoi
Thank you – Dank je / Danke (yeah, that’s German... it’s an injoke since the two languages sound similar to non-native speakers.)
I don't know. – Geen idee.
Please turn off Aspect. – Doe die/dat Aspect uit. (A slightly less friendly version, more like an order.)
Wait, please. – Wacht even./Wacht effe.
Follow me. - Volg me.
Stop. - Halt.
Which way? - Welke kant uit? / Waarheen?
Up - Omhoog
Down - Omlaag
Wait here. – Hier wachten.
Need on items you want for any reason. – “Need” op de dingen die je wilt.
Would you like to run another? - Willen jullie er nog een doen? (jullie = plural, je = singular)
Move out of the Fire! – Niet in het vuur staan!

WoW Rookie: What's "move out of the fire" in your language? {WoW}

Mar 11th 2010 11:09AM Might want to try that one again, I think Babelfish had a few critical errors while translating that. [/dry]

WoW Rookie: The rules of duels {WoW}

Feb 18th 2010 7:36PM Great list, I really wish a short etiquette list would pop up for the person challenging every time they used the /duel command more than twice in 10 seconds.

"If someone declines your challenge, leave that player alone."
Please, don't spam a person who says "No, I don't PvP/duel" with all kinds of crap about being a bad player if you don't do EVERYTHING ingame. I don't want to PvP, and most PvPers I know would rather kill themselves than visit Mauradon for a 5 second chat with some silly ghost.

"Don't challenge players more than several levels above or below you. Challenging someone five levels or more below you would certainly be a social faux pas."
But it's okay to accept the challenge from some little kiddy 20 levels under you, and also feel free to go all out on him or gimp yourself enough to make the defeat as insulting as possible. Hey, if you want to be an idiot and make up silly rules like "no pets" when challenging a hunter twice your level, don't come crying if said hunter decides not to bother wasting any ammo on you and instead grab her staff to give you a sound beating. Consider it a lesson in counting: yes, 80 is a lot higher than 35. (Mind you, I only accepted -after- the duel spam without any whispers, the whole "I'm only 35 so no pets allowed" just sweetened the deal.) *very evil grin*

WoW, Casually: Sick and tired {WoW}

Feb 18th 2010 7:08PM I'd like to add "Think before logging in the alt".

1. Me sick, crabby, head full of cotton and the rest full of antibiotics.
2. The "weekend instancing" guild group that wants to play tag in SFK with the new loot chests on legs.
3. Me DPS on pretty much ANY toon, and the few tank-able toons outclassed/outgeared by a real tank 4 levels lower and an Owlbear.
4. At my "type in sick" I get an friendly no worries, it's easy and a you want that pet so get your toons here so I can get a few more shots at the rocket.
5. Remember 3? If you are doing fine shoving mundane or magic missiles in the Apothecaries, that does not mean you will have fun running after Frye. My kitty self was raking the floor in frustration trying to get her claws at that pingpong ball of a walking corpse! ><
6. Crabby + play mechanics not good for the alt at the best of times = keyboard beginning to look tasty.

Good thing I remembered "Don't make important decisions." Saved a few alts from respec/demotion to bank alt status. And I did get to add a ball of goo to the pet collection... cute timing come to think of it.

Get well soon to all.

All the World's a Stage: How you can be a vampire {WoW}

Feb 15th 2010 10:48AM What pretty much most of the Vampire (or more precisely Vampire RP) haters have a problem with is just that... let it fit the WoW story world.

This whole article has Michael saying "Ok, you really want to be a Vampire Character in WoW Roleplay. Fine, but please do it WITHIN WoW context!"

WoW borrows, pays tribute to, and rewrites pretty much half the SF & Fantasy and Popular culture departments of your average library, but they do it in a way that makes it their own. You can find a type of Vampire on Azeroth, but they are Azeroth's type.

So please leave the whole sparkling and I wanna *cough* kiss my victim before I suck the life out of her nonsense at the door along with the stakes, garlic and silver bullets.


But we'll probably be going through this whole thing again come Cataclysm when half the server population is running around Stormwind screaming "I'm a WereWolf!! Rowr!" and the other half giving up in frustration because A. you would not be yelling that in the middle of town unless you WANT to die very quickly and B it's a WORGEN! (At least keep the names right, please?)

Scattered Shots: Can Beast Mastery raid? {WoW}

Feb 11th 2010 7:29PM @ JKWood
You're assuming you -got- a Ret Pally and/or Arcane mage. In 25 mans you can bet on having one or the other, but in 10 mans you might not. Last time I looked, the only 10 mans not counted as raids were old stuff like Strat or BRS.

Yes, FI depends on the pet critting, but as I said a good BM raider will have his and the pet's talents set up so that FI will keep refreshing all through the fight.

The most important difference between a pally and hunter 3% buff is that the hunter's doesn't rely on range. For some fights that pretty important, since the pally is dancing with the mob and the hunter tends to be as far at the back as possible with the rest of the ranged.

It al keeps going to the same thing: is it about whether you CAN raid as BM or is it about the fact that currently there may be some class/spec better than BM out there? The article's title makes me expect the former, but it ends up as another "you're an idiot if you even think about wanting to raid as BM and so are RLs who will let you" piece. Something the first few paragraphs claim the writer wanted to avoid.

Scattered Shots: Can Beast Mastery raid? {WoW}

Feb 11th 2010 12:52PM Forget the Exotic pet talents, how about mentioning the number one thing that makes BM loved in raids... namely Ferocious Inspiration. You know, that -raidwide- 3% damage buff that does NOT depend on being near the hunter. My personal damage may not be up to par with MM or SU, but nobody ever mentions the total extra damage that BM talent brings to the whole group. And before you go "but it's only a 10 second buff"', a good BM hunter can have that buff go off and then keep it refreshing until the loot is handed out.

Your Bob example isn't a raider but a leecher who gimps himself in every possible way, and the roleplay argument is barely a crutch because IC or OOC he is an idiot who has no business in raids other than as one of those NPCs who get slaughtered and raised as undead lately. If you want to raid then you do the best you can, I agree there. But for some that best means BM for the very reasons you pointed out, latency being number one on the list.

You start out the article that you want to stay away from the "If yer BM yer a noob" rhetoric and that you have no stake in the matter yourself. But you end up saying the same with different words: MM and SU bring more DPS, so forget raiding as BM because I would not want you in my DPS heavy group and you're playing Bob when you want to raid as a BM.

Is MM and SU currently better in personal DPS in raids? Hell yeah. Is that important when going for world firsts? Sure. Does every team play in the Superleague? Nope. Like you said, raiding is a team sport and a team lives on more than just the personal DPS meters. Some raidleaders like to have a BM in the mix because they realise that a good raider is more than who hits the hardest. Some raidgroups prefer to have fun with friends, and are willing to try any spec that can hold his or her own and is willing to do what is needed to be the best possible as that spec (gear/gem/enchant). Note those two last parts, that's something that zoomed waaay over Bob's head.

For an article that wants to take a look at the question: "CAN a BM raid?" it would have been nice if you added a paragraph about things that BMs actually can bring to a raid. The way it is written now the title should have been "Why do people think you -shouldn't- raid as a BM".