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[EDITED] Paladin changes in Beta build 8962 {WoW}

Sep 18th 2008 10:57PM You said that the Turn Evil glyph was a minor glyph, but the tooltip from Wowhead has it as a major glyph, so I was wondering if you could clarify. If it was minor glyph, it would be a no-brainer, but I'm not sure if it can compete against Glyph of Crusader Strike, SoC, or Hammer, for one of my major slots.

Thanks for the update though, the PTRs are unplayable right now -_-;

Ghostcrawler's late night Paladin news {WoW}

Sep 9th 2008 11:43AM I'm really worried about the itemization, particularly that of the pvp sets, for ret paladins. If our gear really will have ZERO intellect on it, we will either 1.) be extremely low quality mana batteries, or 2.) have to wear some healing/spelldamage +int gear, losing AP and crit.

Anyways, great info as usual!

Blood Sport: Arena-weary {WoW}

Aug 5th 2008 1:10PM I'd love to see that too, but I won't be holding my breath, whether or not I have my on.

Blood Sport: Arena-weary {WoW}

Aug 5th 2008 11:47AM I play a retadin, and I keep telling myself that Blizz will make a change late in the season, "testing out" some of the beta class changes, that will shake up the status quo of the current arena class over-representation, but like you said, that's a fat chance. Right now, the only reason I play arena is that it takes very little time out of my week, and that because I missed out on all the previous seasons (i hit 70 in early June) I can at least grab a few pieces of gear, practice, and ready up for the next season at 80. Still, its kind of sad that the hundreds of thousands of honor points and gritty arena matches wont amount to much in a few months.

That's an expansion for you though...

The Creamy GUI Center: Big bag blowout Part II {WoW}

Jul 19th 2008 11:14PM A good friend of mine uses this mod and swears by it. Even though my bags have always been and still are a mess, I've simply been too lazy to use anything other than Bagnon, but I'm looking forward to fiddling around with this, as the markup language seems pretty straightforward.