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WoW China hit with more censorship upon relaunch {WoW}

Aug 1st 2009 4:36AM To break the serious tone of this thread, with all the mentioning of the undead being bags/chests, and maybe Arthas having chests on his armor instead of skulls, don't you find it fitting for all the whining going on about "Free epics"?

It certainly makes me wonder if those people upset about the flow of gear are right, and in that case, China isn't being censored at all. They're getting Blizzard's TRUE vision, where the Loot King raises his mighty army of the STUFF, and they march from Epicrown Citadel, deep in the frozen heart of Northlewt.

I'd kill to see screenshots of Northrend with these changes.

Dungeons and Raids in Wrath of the Lich King {WoW}

Jul 20th 2008 11:33PM "The problem is that in World of Second Lifecraft, gamers are a minority. The biggest part of the 10 Million are just clueless people who can't even grasp the concept of challenge."

The problem is that people, such as yourself, seem to take WoW entirely too seriously. A video game is a video game, regardless of any social aspects. When you die, no one will write "Downed Illidan" or "Wore full Tier 6" on your tombstone, and if they do, those that know what that means will chuckle at the ridiculousness of it, while the rest of the 6 billion inhabitants of this planet will ponder just what in the blazes that means. So many people act like this game is their bread and butter, their sustenance, and forgot that it has zero bearing on reality at all. It's nothing to get your knickers in a twist over.

The player base is in actuality made of two groups: those that are proficient at the class and role, and those that are not. The latter has those that are in the learning process, and those that couldn't give a hoot about learning at all. To be in the "proficient" group, guess what? You don't have to be in a raid at all. To insinuate that those that don't raid, or can't gather a group of 25 people to do said raid, are "scrubs" or any other euphemism, cleverly veiled or otherwise, is pure elitism. And I thought society had progressed. I suppose I was wrong.

I suppose it hasn't dawned on some people that there ARE capable players without time to raid. It surely hasn't been brought to light for the above poster. There are, even, (egads!) people for who 25-man raiding leaves a bad taste in their mouth. I am one of them, as my increasing disdain for humanity is fueled by the wonderful anonymity of the internet. In short: the internet is an excellent catalyst to bring about the worst in people. Spending several hours with 24 hormonal/ego-driven/etc. other people? Not my cup of tea. Now, being allowed to tank for my close friends and still see the "raiders' " holy of holies? Sign me up.

These comments are chock-full insipid arrogance directed at those of us who cannot raid (And no, Anroth, it isn't an excuse) due to various circumstances, and those who really just can't stand the though of it. It seems, as much as they'd try to deny it (albeit in vain), that those upset most by this change have invested their self worth in this game. Their mantle of false-superiority is about to be ripped away, by (READ) smaller groups of people, still requiring skill, coordination, and an inordinate amount of gear. Scale is the only difference, but if you want to piss and moan about it, even though you still come out ahead for all your so-called "effort", be my guest. It's been fun to watch the wailing and gnashing of teeth in these comments. I love to watch such idiocy writhe in pain, as it's arguably more entertaining than the game itself.

These 10-mans are still going to require effort, just on a smaller scale. It isn't going to be a series of cakewalks for the people who don't take this game as seriously as you "gamers" do, contrary to popular opinion. Less-than-desirables will still be slammed by trash pulls, the inexperienced and under-geared will still not see the final boss. Don't you worry your little head . Just please, for the sake of the WoW community as a whole - grow up. Stop treating this game as more than it is: relatively mindless entertainment.

(And no, this wasn't entirely directed at you, Anroth, you just said several things I built from and I let myself get a tad carried away.)