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Two Bosses Enter: Murozond vs. Queen Azshara {WoW}

Mar 27th 2012 6:52AM I like Murozond. I love his story and the implications of his quotes from the fight that there is a worse event than the Hour of Twilight in our future. I love that he is the medium that has Nozdormu give a Slaughterhouse 5 shout out. It is a creative fight . It is also the (seeming) end fight of a storyline 5 to 7 years in the making depending on if you want to include Chromie’s Vanilla quest in Andorhal as part of the Infinite Storyline or not.

That aside, realistically I think Azshara would mop the floor here depending on her minions. This is a fight that is hers to win or lose.

I am iffy about whether her mind control abilities would affect Murozond. For one he is an Aspect. As seen in the Well of Eternity instance right after you fight her the Old Gods themselves had trouble handling Deathwing when he came to claim the Dragon/Demon Soul. Second, this is a corrupted, fanatical version of Nozdormu. Even then, her “mindcontrol” is charm dependent. Even though she is egotistical enough to believe she could charm even Sargeras, Murozond is a corrupted, fanatical version of Nozdormu. Especially since he knows she is a few days from spouting a few tentacles.

So she has nothing to do, but sit back and control the Hour Glass in a fine tuned manner. She’s even sadistic enough that’d she wait till all her guards are dead or near dead before rewinding time. Assuming that her “I’m bored, peace out!” end mechanic won’t take effect until all the charges are used up.

That is the first major issue of the fight. Azshara’s laziness + Hour Glass = advantage Azshara.

In her fight she has two of each magi. How intelligently they fight. This is the second key part of the fight.
• If they attack two at a time, Murozond wins. The buffs of the hour glass won’t be as great on the four that sit around doing whatever it is they do till they join in.
• They are enthralled by Azshara. There is a chance that they would stand around in the temporal bomb spots (fire) blindly out of devotion. Some of them do have abilities that lock them in place.
• Murozond has a few attacks that can strike multiple opponents at once. So if the Magi are too paniced or enthralled to think to spread out, Murozond would make quick work of them.

This is a tough one for me to call. Technically, even as a Murozond fan, I would have to say Azshara should be able to mop the floor with him. Her downfall here, if she loses, is in her own control needs. She might lose this fight if she replaced too much of her own soldiers’ critical thinking with mindless devotion.

Two Bosses Enter: Vanessa VanCleef vs. Zanzil {WoW}

Oct 19th 2011 5:08PM Zanzil and Vanessa, both outcasts of a sort. One orphaned and one driven out. One having them seek him out for return and the other wanting to prove her own might.

We have here a magical vodoo master of a troll who has survived on his own for years, decades in Stranglethorn on his own. An outcast driven out by all the regional trolls. One who has taken on and zombified Nagaa, humans, trolls and developed his own form of necromancy separate than that of the Scourge.

And you have a 16 or so year old girl who admits she isn't up to her father's skill in hand to hand fighting, but is good with poisons. Wait, so is Zanzil. Hahaha.

Zanzil takes this like an old master laying the smack down on an apprentice. Zanzil doesn't just mix poison, he stand in it confidently as we heroes have to scurry for the cure. That tells me he has built up strong immunities. Don't forget this is the guy who made the ol' "Touch of Zanzil" debuff that all young rogues had to deal with, at least on the Horde side.

He takes Vanessa's poisons like a boss, and throws back suggestions on how to improve them. Should she live. On the flip side, Vanessa is smart. She'd likely pick up on the cauldron use to avoid Zanzil's poison.

Their respective adds might be able to counter each other. If this is the case then it'll be just Zanzil and Vanessa. Except for one thing, Zanzil's poison.

It takes out Vanessa's help. One brute, one ghoul swarm and then using his AOE poison would ensure that this is an army against Vanessa alone. Her only hope at this point would to have placed explosives around the area beforehand. But that would have to be a near final gambit.

Should Zanzil survive the explosives, but the cauldron get destroyed the battle is lost for her. Her last sight would be a green cloud rushing towards her.

Breakfast Topic: Lore and story progression via static NPCs {WoW}

Jun 1st 2008 11:15AM While the idea of making NPC selectively visible feels off to me, I could get used to almost anything as long as it is consistent.

The current style of replacing NPCs unless they are either in an instance or in the world seems to work. Brann could always leave his assistant behind.

Breakfast Topic: The leveling curve (and bending it) {WoW}

May 29th 2008 11:47AM My current record would be my priest, if I felt like finishing getting her to 70 when I pick up the game again.

66/68 according to my memory and just starting Zangarmarsh. Even then, that's because I decided to just skip Falcon's Watch when I just reached it at 66.