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Breakfast Topic: When did WoW click for you? {WoW}

Mar 26th 2009 9:54AM I had a friend that would play (gather) on his lunch hour. When I wasn't busy I would go back and watch. I couldn't believe that someone would pay $15/month to play. He was playing a mage and would attack something and the other animals in the area wouldn't fight back (I had no idea about aggro). He gave me his trial period and CD's to install at home.

The moment it clicked for me was when i went home for lunch a couple of days later and my trial period had run out. I left work that night and drove an hour to pick the game up. A couple of weeks later I ran into one of the guys I play D&D with and told him about the game. He said the same thing, "You pay $15 a month to play a computer game?" His wife was out of town so I went to get my CD's and the trial code. Most of the guys in our guild are from our small town. We play World of Warcraft and our wives are Widows of Warcraft.....LOL

Breakfast Topic: Your last breath {WoW}

Sep 4th 2008 8:36AM I've said this more than once:

"Hey, me defense has increased to 325!"

Inscription details: Glyphs, runewords, and more {WoW}

Jul 21st 2008 8:55PM My Priest is no longer a Skinner/Leatherworker (don't ask) and is now a Skinner/Herbalist. I have 40 of almost all of the "normal" herbs (don't have Black Lotus, Fel Lotus, Ancient Lichen, etc.) and will be an Inscriber/Herbalist as soon as the X-Pac hits. I'm beginning to think that 40 of each may not be enough to get my Inscription to 375 though....LOL