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Officers' Quarters: More loot-rolling shenanigans {WoW}

Nov 2nd 2009 6:31PM I need roll everything because I NEED that shard! =D

World of WarCrafts: Father sculpts son's character {WoW}

Oct 12th 2009 1:24PM LOL looks like Roddy Mcdowall's face in his Planet of the Apes mask.

Emergency maintenance for several U.S. realms [Updated] {WoW}

Aug 5th 2009 1:35PM We where running the new 5m last night on regular mode, killed the first boss and got a purple item in the chest, then started on the next boss and wiped and then everyone got stuck. In general chat, others had said they had epics in each of their chests. Do these regular instances drop epics? If not, I suspect that is why the shut it down so fast.

Breakfast Topic: Your best instance run ever {WoW}

Jul 30th 2009 7:52PM Feral Charging Gruul from mid air after getting tossed was a hell of a lot of fun!!!

Breakfast Topic: Your best instance run ever {WoW}

Jul 30th 2009 7:08PM 1. First MC run with my guild, I had rolled a priest because my friend said it would be easy to get groups and his guild needed a healer. So, we went to tiers hand and they boosted me my last bit to 60 then did the attunement and I'll never forget how epic that 40 man raid was in that huge place.

2. Discovering multiboxing in BC and creating a 5x shaman team and soloing every 5m instance all the way up to and Including heroics with them. It was just like being new to wow all over again being able to control everything about what was going on, and farming bosses for loot as much or as long as I wanted, not having to coordinate with anyone else, nobody else to fail, just me and my crew against those bosses whenever and however I wanted.

A guide to shutting out the world (of Warcraft) {WoW}

Apr 8th 2009 4:36PM I used to raid, but I got tired of the comitment and the morons who I had to rely on to not "stand in the fire" who just never could get that concept. The raid leader took them anyway because we just couldn't all the players on at the same time so we where always short handed. I finally got sick of it and left. Best thing I did was leave my raiding guild.

I play mostly solo now. But I have a couple accounts that I use when I need to do some 3 or 5 man quests, my raid geared tank, healer, dps can do most content I need to do.

I love my pvp servers and my faction is underdog on both sides I play. I love the randomness of it. I never know how other players will act or myself for that matter to situations. I have a number of characters at 80, but the funnest as solo has been my rogue. I get to choose my battles, and usually if anyone tries to gank me I can CoS > Vanish and then decide how I want to deal with them, either to engage or not, my choice. Rogues are great solo play on a pvp server. I would probably agree hunter and lock are better overall because of the pet option, but I've had a great time on my rogue solo.

As fun as my rogue is to play solo on, the most fun I have had in this game in the 4 years I have been playing, has been solo with my multibox group. I had the classic 5x Orc Shaman team.

Now, this is definitely a niche solo play style. Its pretty expensive in time and money to set up right, so that will eliminate many from doing it, but if you can afford it and have the technical skills to set it all up and configure it, you will have a lot of fun.

Because of the current economic situation, I had to turn off most of my accounts, but I loved being able to do everything myself with "my team". I didn't raid with them, but I could do most of the regular and heroic dungeons by myself and I had more of a sense of achievement doing that then I ever had downing a raid boss. If I fail, its my fault, or the game mechanics where not possible with my comp. But when I was raiding, the irritation just kept building when we would fail because of other peoples stupidity, or carelessness, or clumsyness, or all the above.

With a multibox group If I want to go afk in an instance I can, and then I can come back and pick up where I left off and not have to worry about other peoples time. No moron pugs, no other people problems. If I wanted to play with a friend, or run one through an instance, I just dropped a toon and plugged them into a spot. I loved being able to grind bosses for the loot I wanted and not have to deal with LFG to do it. I had the best loot on all my toons because I could grind it all out on my time.

Also, there are so many combinations of toons to play for different purposes. Either all one class like my 5x shaman, or the challenge of a mixed group of different classes. Watching someone do that is awesome!

As soon as things pick up again, I'll be enabling those extra accounts and rolling with my team again. Until then, I'll be soloing on my rogue on my pvp server.

The many uses of Shadowmeld {WoW}

Jan 8th 2009 6:47PM dollars to doughnuts that all the sm qq is from nelfs who rerolled tauren for ws and now they are pissed that bliz finally gave nelfs something usable...

15 Minutes of Fame: Anthropologist digs into WoW Part 2 {WoW}

Jan 6th 2009 7:20PM Its very funny that someone would be so addicted to gaming that they would go through all the effort to get a degree in Anthropology to become a Professor of Anthropology so they could spend all that time raiding and explain it away as some academic pursuit. Yeah, that's it, research! For a book! Sure... lol

Druid's Swipe now generates 50% increased threat {WoW}

Dec 16th 2008 8:27PM Swipe is fine, especially now, what we need is a 360 aoe like this:

Bear Funk (Rank 1)
Instant Cast 10 Sec Cooldown

An offensive malodorous funk surrounds the bear doing 50 damage over 10 sec to enemies who enter the area causing them to stagger gag and puke. This ability produces a large amount of threat and disgust.

Ask WoW Insider: Getting rid of leftover gear {WoW}

Dec 9th 2008 6:13PM I forgot to mention, that you could refine crafting mats out in the field to reduce weight also. So you could carry quite a bit more then you ever needed and be within the operating weight limit.