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The Art of War(craft): Dreaming about Death Knight PvP {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2008 8:32PM I'm sorry. I only got halfway down your blog. I got tired. I will roll a death knight as it is a new class and should be fun to play. But the way you write it, making a death knight a bad ass unbeatable thing only makes me shy away from it. if it is all you say then why play? it sounds like god mode on doom. Pointless. I have 5 level 70's and enjoy playing all for different reasons. Hopefully all classes will still be viable and death knights just a new addition and style to the already rich diversity. I'm not saying i've never ganked a low level before but it's not really my thing. A class that is unbeatable is no challange in pvp and would either make it less rich or just unplayable. pvp wise that is.