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Spiritual Guidance: Leveling a healing priest {WoW}

Jul 25th 2011 7:57PM If you follow the advice, in this column, be sure to have lots and lots of mana water, at the highest level you'll need it...
I have three Priests, at various levels (including my main Shadow/DIsc), and, every time I end up doing Shadow, at least from 40-58 or so...mostly, because I would rather quest than dungeon-crawl, and healing lower dungeons isn't really a very good "training" ground, for healing.

But, hey, to each his own...there really isn't a wrong way to level up, as long as one is having fun!!

Drama Mamas: Control freak {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2010 9:26PM So, this is where all the wise people have been hanging out! Overall, good advice.

I like Scooter's post! And, of course the mamas...will one of you adopt a 59-yr. old hippie?


Shifting Perspectives: Tanks and the barrier to entry {WoW}

Mar 3rd 2010 8:56PM There is at least a partial solution to the tank shortage, especially on account of the new tanks getting abuse from impatient dps/healers. Provide a random dungeon finder for tanks that want to practice their skills, with players that choose to play, in such an environment (free from the "go fast, for badges" crowd).

I know that I would participate in such a thing, both as dps, healer, and maybe even rez my poor prot warr, who has been in Arms spec, since last Halloween!

How not to aggro your tank with AoE {WoW}

Jan 23rd 2010 6:27PM My alt is Arms Warrior, and I'm finally getting at the point in my gear, that I will pull aggro, pretty easily, if I'm not careful. It's the last thing I want to do, as my main spec is tank, so I know it from that angle, too.

Today, I used bladestorm, on the first pack, going up the hill, in the Pit of Sauron, on Heroic. I died, but not from my use of the aoe. I got killed by the lady caster, that had sauntered off, at a distance, and got promptly ignored, by everyone. She has some nasty spells. I took it in stride, as I figure that I killed most of the others, and made it possible to finally focus, on the caster that got me.

So, not only do I not have a threat reduction move, I have no silence, or stun, other than my version of charge.

Let me just say that I have no interest in topping the meters, but almost all my real damage comes from talented crits, using a slow, slow, two-hander. If I think the fight is taking too long, I will use Bladestorm, but only at the point where I believe it will kill most, if not all of the mobs left standing.

Now, if I did this, for every pull, I would be in that insect idiot cycle-of-life!

I will try out the Shadowmeld, though...I almost never use that, and I don't think it's even on my bars! It doesn't seem like it would be much of an aggro dump, though. Not any more than simply stopping the attack, which I will often do, if I need to back off to charge again, for the rage...

Breakfast Topic: Race Change, your personal retcon {WoW}

Oct 28th 2009 3:21PM I changed my first alt NE Priest to a Draenei Priest. The only hard part was deciding whether to change him to her...I finally decided to keep it Male, but only because I already have another alt who's female Draenei. My main NE Warr will stay, for now. Might make him Worgen, later...

I love the freedom to choose, though...even if it is waaay overpriced!

Breakfast Topic: What tutorial would you add? {WoW}

Oct 27th 2009 10:26AM Yes, so many things WoW just assumes we'll know. This was my first MMO, and I didn't have a clue on the social aspects, or some of the mechanics of my class, until around level 40. Now that I'm also playing an alt, I'm still trying to figure out the mechanics of Focus, and how to heal in raids. Yes, I was recently asked, by a guildie to help out in Koralon, on my Priest alt., which I've brought up as Shadow, but specced for Holy. I was that idiot who was standing in the fire, because I was trying desperately to keep the OT targeted and in range to heal him, and couldn't see anything, while trying to hit the right keys! I didn't cause the wipe, but I sure didn't help much, either...very humbling experience.

Why can't Blizz have training tutorials on these types of encounters, or at least the ability to view actual raids, in real time, to see how others do it? Even if it were just a 10-man AI raid that had no loot, we could practice!

Around Azeroth: Elementary physics {WoW}

Oct 24th 2009 5:45PM When I saw the picture, I thought it was me, because this very thing happened to me, the other day. Then, I spotted the dual "Edge of Ruin" axes...I have only one. Still...

I did finally figure out to click off the buff, but I didn't want, I went to Wintergrasp, stood in the lineup to enter, and shouted to everyone that "No, I was not a trans-racial in trans, but I was undergoing roid-rage! Curse that pumpkin pusher!!"

Enter to win a wireless headset from Creative and {WoW}

Oct 21st 2009 9:28PM Well, here goes...commenting inanely...right up my alley...again...
Thanks, for the chance...

Enter to win a Creative World of Warcraft wireless headset {WoW}

Sep 24th 2009 10:06AM Seagull: "Mine, mine, mine,mine..."

Spiritual Guidance: 12 Reasons why you don't want to play a Priest {WoW}

Sep 8th 2009 2:42PM I've been leveling my Priest alt. through 73, in Shadowform, and, compared to my main Warrior, it's been incredibly easy. I can go into areas 2-3 levels above me, and still solo! True, there is no quick damage dealer in my arsenal, and I wear cloth, but I can bubble, fear, Vampiric Touch (heal while damaging). Unless I'm very unfortunate, or asleep, I can handle three or four mobs at a time. I am dual-specced in Holy, now, but, I've not done many dungeons, and the few I have were low level, where Holy was just overheal--found I could stay in Shadow most of the time...I do need more practice at healing--I could tell immediately that I used way too much mana for heals, and didn't have the right "sense" of when to use them.
As a main tank, I'm absolutely loving this Priest...totally different perspective of the same fights, and a whole new respect for my Guild healers, who've kept me up so many times. I'd recommend doing this to any tank I meet. I bring along extra mana pots to every fight I tank, now...just for my healer!

I also can't wait to do relevant level instances, as Shadow priest. I really don't know how much dps I can expect. The low level encounters were just too fast, for my spells to kick in, before enemies died...

One other aspect, that hasn't been mentioned, in the article...I buff as many players as I can, while leveling...even the ones who are rude enough to kill quest bosses before I can. I often get thanked, and sometimes, people will even buff me back, or hang around to assist. Yesterday, a warrior even bandaged me, after I buffed him--lol!!!