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Forum post of the day: How to Rogue {WoW}

Jul 25th 2008 12:02PM This question is on wow in fighting in general and I’m hoping you can help me. My character is a lvl 70 rogue, been lvl 70 for about 6 months and I play almost every day for several hours. I have a subtlety spec 41 sub/ 20 assassination. My gear is all epic except for 1 ring and my trinkets which are blue yet. The epic gear is about 50% S1, 30% S2, 20% S3 & S4. I am continually upgrading it. I currently have about 1,600 attack power, 492 agility, 630 Stamina, & 222 Resilience. You could see my character at the wow armory, Sneakylass in Daggerspine. I tried using a combat spec, but changed because I see most of the top rogues use the subtlety spec. I have been playing the arenas a little and I’m terrible at it. I also don’t do well with the pvp fighting in the bg, or in general. I’m embarrassed to ask people to play in the arena teams, because I do so poorly. I see other rogues that just “kick butt” and do very well. 95% of the time I fight another rogue, I get beat. I really want to learn how to excel in that area. Can you give me any pointers, or direct me to someone, or some guide that will help. I need very specific details on how to move, what to use, how to use it, what to do, etc. I sure hope you can help me with this. Thank you