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Breakfast Topic: How would you do the Wrath cinematic? {WoW}

Aug 24th 2008 10:08AM I shared the general disappointment most people seemed to feel when I saw the trailer(lack of player characters/scenes from northrend zones etc) but I wasn't too sad about it as I thought the cinematic they did produce was still very strong.. After reading your comment however, Caeres, it hit me that they completely bypassed the Kirin'Tor/Dalaran storyline and now I've got to say that Blizzard failed very severely.

Imagine this as part of the cinematic:

The first shot is of a serene Alterac Mountains where the camera is on top of one of the snowy mountain peaks, looking into the snowy part of the region. It then turns 180 degrees while displaying the nature of the zone until it stops, facing down towards the Dalaran bubble. There is no music and only some ambient sounds of the zone nature.

The shot then changes to ground-level where we are right outside of Dalaran in the ruined village part that's currently, ingame, inhabited by various mages/elementals/etc. Only now the village is completely empty and quiet. A mysterious/legendary type of musical theme starts playing calmly and quietly(could start with feint mage-monastery sounds with whispers/chants and an echoing feel to it). The camera view changes a few times to show the calm and silence of the abandoned ruined village.

Then all of a sudden a low rumble begins and the entire earth/surroundings begin to shake. The tremor becomes gradually more violent as the adrenaline levels of the cinematic and the music increase until we see the ground breaking around the Dalaran bubble and the bubble slowly beginning to rise upwards. The music is now strong with heavy chanting and still the legendary/mysterious/magical character.

As the bubble rises up into the air it starts to fade and as it does so the camera soars, in a quick and action-filled manner, upwards along it(but still at quite some distance from it so you can see and get a feeling of the magnitude of the event) higher and higher while we can begin to make out the city inside. Eventually the bubble is gone and the camera flies in a spiral manner between the tower spires/tops of Dalaran towards and finally settling on a top terrace of the highest, most majestic tower/building in the city. There we see the leader of the Kirin'Tor looking out, overseeing the great lift/move with a hard, determined, resolute look in his/her eyes.

This scene, followed by a few other(probably quick) shots of what's happening around the world(the factions and/or main characters gearing up or moving out, ending with a longer shot of Arthas) could have made a much more action filled and inspiring intro. I realize that it's a bit cliché, as a standard "from calmness to getting ready for war/hard times" plot, but I believe that's what has been going on in lore so it shouldn't necessarily be dismissed on those grounds.

Now I'm afraid we'll never get to see the huge event that the moving of Dalaran is in a cinematic form :( Compared to what we DID get this leaves me very, deeply disappointed.

Arcane Brilliance: The future of Fire {WoW}

Jul 26th 2008 8:46PM It's a quite interesting analysis/post, Christian, and I do think you echo much of the mage community's sentiments about the current WOTLK fire talents...

Living bomb especially seems like quite the dud. I wish we mages could get something impressive and useful to replace it! In fact I was just browsing the european wow forums and a mage had posted a suggestion of a possible contender/replacement to/for living bomb called "Phoenix Strike". The spell would be a single target nuke that ignored line of sight constraints and played on the phoenix lore! I thought that sounded like a marvelous suggestion.

If you're interested, check out the full post for more information and maybe hopefully a blizzard employee response in the near future!

Mage power!