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Totem Talk: Totem tweaks keep elemental shaman on course for Cataclysm {WoW}

Nov 4th 2010 5:59PM The spell alerts Wugan was talking about are indeed being supplied by Totemtimers, not Blizzard. The alerts themselves are recolored versions of mage's Hot Streak for Lava Surge, and Enhancement's Maelstrom Weapon for Fulmination (9 stacks)

Given the criteria for the in-game auras, I don't know why things like Slice n Dice, which is a player-triggered buff gets an aura, while Lava Surge, which is a completely random occurrence, doesn't get one. Classic anti-Shamantic behavior, eh?

Flying in old-world Azeroth {WoW}

May 10th 2009 4:29PM It's my opinion that the reason people want flying mounts is so they can get to some areas more quickly than the 100% ground mounts will allow. I know when my guild wants to do some old world content for shites and giggles, it takes a portal from Dalaran, a minute run to the zeppelin, a 2-5 minute wait, then a 5-7 minute flight path (that's for Blackrock Mountain anyway.)

One thing that would alleviate a little of that problem is a portal to Blackrock (or somewhere else in the Eastern Kingdom, mid-continent) from Dalaran like the Caverns of Time one that exists. That would allow Hordies to get to that area quicker. I know the first argument is that there's no real reason to get there from Dalaran since all the content is lvl 60, and the 2nd is that Alliance characters can get there really quickly from IF, so it isn't necessary to accommodate just 50% of the players for convenience...but whatever...just an idea.

The other idea I think would make lots of people happy...and that's an Azeroth-exclusive, "Swift Ground Mount" It wouldn't have to go 280% like the epic flyers, but how about a new riding skill, or even better, simultaneously-learned skill with epic flying (lets call it "Grand Master Riding Skill") that allows you to use your flying mounts, or even a new slew of mounts, in the way flying mounts perform over water now. I.E., they fly very vast, say 200%, dont touch the ground unless stopped, but are unable to lift off, and do sort of a safe fall when ridden off a cliff or something rather than hovering.

I'm just talkin outta my ass and probably making it a bit more complicated than just saying "Why not just introduce 200% speed ground mounts?" but I like the drakes and dragons, and would like to ride mine In Azeroth.

I also think that once you have the ability to ride epic ground mounts, you should be able to ride your 60% mount in dungeons, but that's just me, and probably a major request in terms of coding/dungeon pacing. :)
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Rumor: Warhammer Online set to release on September 23rd {Massively}

Jul 27th 2008 7:51PM There actually can't be that much balancing to do. Of the 4 classes removed, 2 are mirrored classes of the remaining 2. So yes, they did have to balance the classes that survived the cut to appropriate the loss of a melee and tank class for each realm, (by adding more options to the career mastery of the Black Orc, Disciple, Ironbreaker, and Warrior Priest to add melee and tank specs respectively) but as far as balancing the remaining classes, removing equal values on both ends of the equation is gonna leave everything still equal. That's just algebra!