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Sharon Osbourne on Alzheimer's and Euthenasia {ParentDish}

Sep 30th 2007 9:14PM I'm only eighteen, and I know that I've know for at least a year exactly what my parents want done, in the case of untimely death, and I've made sure that they know exactly what I want. Maybe it's morbid for my parents to have discussed with a 17 year old girl (I brought it up, not them, in all honestly), but it's better to know, I think.

Christian children's clothing condemns non-believers to Hell {ParentDish}

Sep 28th 2007 12:30PM I love the Dante reference. I'd like to buy it for my pregnant english teacher, actually, and personalize it to make it more Inferno and less crazy evangelist.

New reality show features teens babysitting infants {ParentDish}

Sep 5th 2007 1:56PM Um, whatever happened to the simulation dolls that cry and have to be fed and whatnot? It's definitely not as challenging as a real child, but it's still quite effective.

Carolyn - I know leaving your little one with someone who's technically still a child is a scary thought, but there are a LOT of very mature, well trained teenage babysitters. My advice would be to contact a local college or local high school to find a sitter. My high had a childcare and development course which, in addition to running a preschool, helped community members find reliable sitters.

You may also find someone on craigslist .. I KNOW that sounds like it's sketchy, but it's really not, I swear! I've found sitting jobs on craigslist. The most important thing is to ALWAYS ask for a resume and for references ... any trustworthy, reliable sitter should be able to provide them for you. Also, arranging a meeting with the sitter beforehand where you can meet her and she can meet the children is good, too, to get a feel for it.

Good luck finding a sitter! :)

What's for lunch? {ParentDish}

Aug 24th 2007 6:08PM I was (and still am, really) the pickiest child in the world. I refused to eat almost any form of sandwich, up to and including peanut butter and jelly, so from kindergarten on my mom became a big fan of thermoses.

In elementary school, I often got whatever was leftover from dinner the night before, either wrapped in tinfoil and eaten cold or in a thermos. I also got mac and cheese or soup in a thermos quite often .. in grade school lunch is often early enough in the day that a good thermos will keep those foods perfectly warm until lunchtime.

Good luck, and hope Jared enjoys kindergarten!

Best shows about school -- like, ever! {ParentDish}

Aug 18th 2007 9:41AM WHAT? Where is Boy Meets World on this list?! Seriously, everything I ever needed to know about life, I learned from Mr. Feeny.

Aspirin: not just for desperate parents {ParentDish}

Aug 17th 2007 9:16AM They also say that aspirin ground up and mixed into your moisturizer helps with the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. It helps to firm the flesh. :)

All the Big Questions {ParentDish}

Aug 16th 2007 11:16PM I definitely cried some, reading this. It made me think of my (rapidly aging) kitty who I got in the fifth grade .. she's starting to get sick, and my big fear is for her to pass away when I leave for college this year. I'm so sorry for your loss. -hugs-

I love Carter's way of looking at things - I like to think of it as uphill! :D

Pee Wee football player embarrasses competition {ParentDish}

Jul 25th 2007 10:39AM Just so you know, Pee Wee division for pop warner is children in grades 5-7. Of course, in football it's dependent on weight, also, but that's where it usually falls. :)

Spice Girls reunion is all about the kids {ParentDish}

Jul 3rd 2007 7:25PM I think I just had a minor heart attack. I'd heard rumors it was only a european tour ... I'm going to the NY show come hell or high water!! I am so excited.

BlizzCon ticket giveaway! [Updated] {WoW}

Jun 25th 2007 4:12PM oh, hai ... i kan haz teekitz pls?