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Arcane Brilliance: Do mages need to be hit-capped? {WoW}

May 30th 2011 6:52AM "No single stat increases your DPS in raids faster than hit rating until capped. Not even intellect."

But this is blatantly wrong. I love your articles Mr Belt, they are funny and all that. But you have shown many fallacies when it comes to theorycrafting and advanced mage-ism, which is fine, because I read your articles for kicks and I don't think anyone truly reads wowinsider for advanced stuff. But preaching this as if it is fact and leaving no room for interpretation gives the wrong impression. You can deem us spreadsheet-dependent and all that , but that is because people want to get it right. Your article does not really help with people getting it right, quite the contrary even. I'm sorry :(

RIFT offering free character transfers with patch 1.3 [Updated] {Massively}

May 23rd 2011 1:25PM @(Unverified) I don't understand what the problem is? No one is praising a spin. People are praising this as a solution to a problem. That is all. There is a problem, people were vocal about it, and Trion offered up a fix very fast. That is all. We are grateful for the quick fix and happy for it. Sheesh, what is the problem with all the haters. You are the only ones that are making it look like we think Trion invented warm water, but we don't! We just appreciate the chances. Seriously.

Is it fun when people poo all over your GW2 announcements?

RIFT offering free character transfers with patch 1.3 [Updated] {Massively}

May 23rd 2011 1:21PM @Dril Sorry for MISreading your post. Fyi, nowhere in the official statement and FAQ does it say that. Go figure. No need to be so hostile when I was just throwing speculation out there. Speculating on a yet to be completed press release which offers no details yet. Silly me.

For completion so you don't just start YES IT STATES IT, NO IT DOESN'T discussions;
We want the shard you select to provide the best experience possible. It is important that there remains a balance between Guardian and Defiant players and to that available shards do not become too over populated or unbalanced. For this reason you will only be able to move to specific shards we’ve selected to accept new transfers, please note the shards available for transfer may change over time.


Whether you want to play with friends, check out a new server, or avoid queue times on highly populated servers, you’ll be free to move about Telara. As a part of this grand experiment, there will initially be no limits on the number of times you can transfer your characters or guild.

Don't see anything about server specifics. All up for interpretation. One would think any way. But I guess if I want some debate without hostilities, I best take it to the Rift forum.

RIFT offering free character transfers with patch 1.3 [Updated] {Massively}

May 23rd 2011 12:58PM @Dril Actually, I think it will not be from low pop to high pop, as high pop servers have queues in many cases. I think it will be more low pop to medium pop moves. And for that, a lot of servers become available. It would be silly to create additional queues when people already complain about queues as it this. So I imagine (all speculation of course), it will go low pop to couple of medium servers each week, and as to not have all the low pop servers move at once, do it in waves.

RIFT offering free character transfers with patch 1.3 [Updated] {Massively}

May 23rd 2011 12:55PM @Fabius Bile Yes, indeed they can. So let's let people form their own opinions instead of always sprouting your negativity as fact. You are a hypocrite, as everything you accuse the 'fanbois' of doing, namely generalising, pulling facts out off their ass, etc, is exactly what you do.

RIFT offering free character transfers with patch 1.3 [Updated] {Massively}

May 23rd 2011 12:44PM @Mynsc No one sees it as a sign they are getting better. That's your interpretation of our view and it's wrong. People see it as a sign that Trion is listening to their customers. A few months after launch. That is all. Don't make it more than it is and then say that we are the naive ones.

RIFT offering free character transfers with patch 1.3 [Updated] {Massively}

May 23rd 2011 12:32PM @Fabius Bile Ah, Fabius Bile, the Rift party pooper strikes again! I actually play Rift and follow the community actively. Yes, there are definitely a few servers underpopulated that would really benefit from this. And yes, of course that is the incentive for this move. But what is a good amount then in your view? Because it's certainly not the majority. From what I can tell on EU forums, there's three underpopulated servers, meaning three servers where the community agrees that they are underpopulated. Not just random whiners who complain cause they can't find a group at 4am.

RIFT offering free character transfers with patch 1.3 [Updated] {Massively}

May 23rd 2011 12:29PM @(Unverified) Damn it! Positive move, not mood. It's because I'm in a good mood! Totally throws me off. And yes, I totally wrote 'I'm in a good move' first.

RIFT offering free character transfers with patch 1.3 [Updated] {Massively}

May 23rd 2011 12:28PM Totally beat you to the scoop Justin with my comment on the podcast article :)

But yay! I don't need a transfer but I think this is an amazing move. Doing it for free is also a nice PR move at this point with other games charging for your pee-breaks and whatnot. Curious to see what the result of these moves will be. I think they might want to restrict their very open policy as this one invites all sort of abuse. BUT! I understand it's a trial and error thing. I'm patient. I'm not an insta-gratification customer, I can wait for good things! But yes, definitely a positive mood in my opinion.

RIFT podcast celebrates the end with Scott Hartsman {Massively}

May 23rd 2011 12:16PM Aaaawww, much hugs to Arithion. Hope it's not too serious that it can't be fixed in the short term :(

About the transfers. Slick little answer being. Free transfers. Yes free. For a time. For everyone. For guilds. Free.

It's awesome. Not that I want to transfer, I find my server very bubbly! But all the people that want to play with friends, can do so now. FREE. I figured they would implement transfers rather soon. But free! I never thought it.I will keep saying it yes. Free. Sorry. But it's free! Come on!