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Cross-realm Dungeon Finder premium service coming soon {WoW}

May 19th 2011 8:08AM It's not comparable at all. You're comparing apples with oranges. Now dig deeper, look to cashflows and EBITDA. Now see why Blizz does not need to up their fee and the theatre does. Especially showing your ignorance by incorporating gasoline prices there. Economics 101, learn to love it.

As to my opinion. Blizzard is showing its true colours. And it's not looking too well for the people who play the game. I've been paying for 6 years. If that doesn't pay for a silly RealID feature than the 5 bucks they want me to give them extra each month, certainly won't. They do not NEED the money people, don't be daft. They WANT it. That is all. They could easily just implement this normally, just like all the pets and mounts at the store, but figured; hey come on, surely some idiot will pay for this.

And some idiot will, and that's why we will get more of these features.

Enter at Your Own Rift: A look at Update 1.2 {Massively}

May 19th 2011 7:11AM About adding quests to the LFG tool. Yesterday, to my dismay, I picked up a bunch of group quests and noticed they had this neat little mark next to it on my tracker. When I clicked said little button, I was offered to queue for the group quests! So maybe you missed out on that when you say there were no quests for you to join? Maybe it only works for actual group quests and not solo ones? Just speculating here.

Rift for me, is something I play very casually. Not the pressure I have in WoW to preform, to reach deadlines, I can just... play. It has been a delight. At first, I did feel it would not stick. That I liked it, but that because I am not building up any sort of community in Rift, I would not continue to go back. But I was wrong. They add everything I have always wanted. The appearance slots have kept me occupied for hours.

I'm a mage, but I roleplay a fierce Bahmi tribe woman. The whole tribe theme doesn't really fit the very bulky robes I get to wear. So I just went to different vendors who sell low level stuff. Checked out all of those, and bought something there, dyed it, ET VOILA! I look like a super fierce woman who still manages to be fully clothed! I wouldn't allow yourself to be stifled by only the clothier vendors. Look beyond those! Otherwise I will have to mock you when you run into a Rift wearing a bikini.

Square-Enix bracing for big financial losses {Massively}

May 13th 2011 8:56AM Final Fantasy will always always be my first love. I liked 10. I even liked the part two. After that, things just want to crap. FF14 is just so much fail, I can't even begin to comprehend how anyone would have labeled it as okay to ship out. Seriously. Every game I play, I hold up to Final Fantasy. It is my constant benchmark. But these days, not even new FF games live up to my benchmark. How sad is that. Appeal to your fanbase once again, you know, the people that were there right at the start. I'll gladly pay 70 euro + a part of my pinkie to regain that feeling I once had when playing FF.

New RIFT promo trailer sounds a call to arms {Massively}

May 13th 2011 8:51AM Also if someone would like to try this out for 7 days, as posted by people before me;

You don't need to be my friend, no worries. I don't want to trap you on my RP server against your will ;)

New RIFT promo trailer sounds a call to arms {Massively}

May 13th 2011 5:49AM @SnarlingWolf
"If anyone is on the fence like this article suggests, do yourself a favor and run away from that fence. You will spend as much time enjoying the game as you will downloading it. After the first 15 minutes you've seen all there is to see. Everything is a task like every other task or a rift like every other rift. "

After the first 15 minutes of solely being in the starting area where no major invasions spawn, no loot puzzles can be found, no instances can be entered, etc, you've seen all there is to see? Are you perhaps blind?

New RIFT promo trailer sounds a call to arms {Massively}

May 13th 2011 5:34AM @Beltyra Give me a break indeed.
Horde –noun
1. a large group, multitude, number, etc.; a mass or crowd: a horde of tourists.
2. a tribe or troop of Asian nomads.
3. any nomadic group.
4. a moving pack or swarm of animals: A horde of mosquitoes invaded the camp.

If Rift comes out with an add tomorrow stating; The faceless man wishes you to join his band of mercenaries and defeat xxxx, join this alliance today!

OMG THEY USED THE WORD ALLIANCE HOW DARE THEY! Sheesh, horde is a commonly used word in the English language. I didn't like the Azeroth campaign either, but honestly, to go shout OMG COPYCAT with every word that is tied to WoW is just ridiculous. Equally ridiculous is the fact that ever since the Azeroth campaign, every WoW player and his dog feels a need to come comment on every Rift related article or blog post to give their two coppers on how Rift is WoW.

I play both, I enjoy both. Sometimes a word is just a word, not some big evil conspiracy.

RIFT challenges the depths of the Charmer's Caldera {Massively}

Apr 22nd 2011 7:46AM @Temko I am always bumping into people as well and check shard status constantly (on EU), where only 3 shards are low pop in peak times. But any way, I don't know how correctly this is represented of course. I can only say, on my server, in my experience, I constantly bump into people while questing. Sometimes to the point where I think 'damn it I want alone time!'.

BUT GUYS GUYS! We are getting appearance tabs? How cool is that! Yes, I know it's completely offtopic but I'm genuinely super excited about this :) Blablabla instance, cool BUT OMG APPEARANCE TABS :D

RIFT ships off to South Korea {Massively}

Apr 21st 2011 10:52AM @Dril I don't want to reply to your entire post cause well... I just don't.

However, you say that Rift is from the year 2011 so should be compared to 2011 games. So you can compare it with WoW. So every new game that comes out that had zero expansions, can be compared to a game that had years and years to implement extra content? Well, then I fear every new MMO will lose in comparison to WoW. That's just a silly silly comparison to make, I'm sorry, but it really is. NO GAME, zero games, come out with the amount of endgame content WoW currently has. None. So all games fail. Good on you.

Secondly, you can go look for artefacts, you can achievement hunt, you can do crafting, there is tons. Just because you do not want to do it (and that is your right, and I'm not faulting you on that), doesn't mean there is nothing to do. It just means you can't find anything you like to do.

Please, you call others on being hypocrites and presenting flawed points. But yours are so flawed and subjective that it reads a bit like a troll posts. I don't mean to sound harsh, but posts like that will get less eloquent responses, simply because you don't come across as wanting a decent discussion yourself.

Enter at Your Own Rift: Cry me a river {Massively}

Apr 21st 2011 10:42AM @Brockobama321 Really? No one? Not all the people from servers that opened later where oldies came in and just opened the gates without notifying the server to then transfer off 3 months later (aaah, good old transfer cooldown). Not from the people who weren't around the ONE DAY you could attend it? Nothing? Odd that.

Enter at Your Own Rift: Cry me a river {Massively}

Apr 21st 2011 10:39AM Oddly, I am one of the lucky ones. I play WoW okay! Before you bash me with your Rift vs WoW bull crap, I care very little. I play and enjoy both games, both for their own reasons. Because I am a guildleader in WoW, my playtime in Rift is rather limited. But I desperately wanted all the pets, as well as the lvl50 trinket (even though I'm not lvl50 yet). Which meant I needed 700 of the currency. In the beginning, it looked rather bleak, but with them upping rewards, I managed to get 600 currency before the end of the event. This was done in 4 play sessions. That is not a lot, nor is it hard, so reward-wise, everyone could get their fill.

The event in itself, the first phase, was enjoyable. I was happy with the second phase being delayed, mostly for the currency, but can understand the frustration of other players. Then on Saturday, I logged in at 11 to find the event would start an hour later. LUCKY ME! Noon came, no event, it was delayed. Yay good! More currency to get in mean time! The event started and I ADORED phase 2. Tons of invasions. And yes, after nuking a raid boss for 20 minutes, I got disconnected when he was almost down, I came back to see no boss, missing out on the currency I thought. But no, he had reset. A bit annoying? Sure, but in the mean time so many people had gathered that we brought him down easily. Then came phase 3. I had never been in Stillmoor and thought the trip to perilous to attempt. After a while I changed my mind, and thought I could give it a go nonetheless. I enter Stillmoor, to find no NPC's, no mobs, nothing. I had no idea that something had crashed, I was just happy I could go wherever I wanted! I found the place where th event was supposed to be held, but nothing there, so figured it was over. I found a porticulum, but no NPC to help me. At this point I figured that either I was phased because I wasn't the correct level yet, or something was horribly wrong. I attempt to relog and constantly got stuck at 7%, like the rest of my server. I watch a bit of tv, try again, I get in. I'm in Stillmoor and event is back at phase 1. They skip over phase2 and announce phase 3 again. I WAS THERE! Second lowest level around, but I saw it!

Was it what I wanted it to be? Content wise? Very much so. I only wanted phase 3 for the lore, and that's what I got, and I thought it was awesome.

Phase 2 could have been better. I understand you can't do MAJOR invasions for a full week, but an hour is terribly short and it was very easy to miss. I can understand phase 3 being shorter but perhaps the cutscene could have been on rotation for a few hours so people got to visit the event in case they missed it earlier.

Overall, there needs to be work done, but I think for a first event, it went pretty well.