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Blizzard announces layoffs of 600 employees worldwide {Massively}

Feb 29th 2012 1:50PM @Saecred after all this years you guys still not get it..... There is no killing WoW ... some people will jump on the GW2 and play it a bit start missing WoW and jump back on the Blizz train... :)

It does not matter that GW2 is a 100 times better people not care they do not want change they really just want the exact same...

Queue no more thanks to Guild Wars 2's overflow servers {Massively}

Feb 21st 2012 11:48PM This mmo got so many new ideas its not just WoW with some extra spice... Its amazing how much balls the designers have to step away from the tank/healer/dps thing, but they did reinvent questing and even go so far to make combat more fun!

Heart of the Aspects mount now available for $25 {WoW}

Feb 14th 2012 6:54PM Is this game turning into Everquest 2??!!! A other 25 bucks mount are you kidding me... wonder how long till the Blizzard Balance turn into in game cash and become station cash...

Hey guys, for only $25 you can get this dragon in WoW. Or pay a bit more and get infinite dragons in Skyrim along with a free game of Skyrim

Wartower video highlights why devs love Guild Wars 2 {Massively}

Feb 12th 2012 8:23PM One thing that I see... this devs not got the $$ in their eyes and are truly trying to tell people to play the game and not buy the amazing release day DLC or the amazing pre order now bonus.... They did talk about the game and it did not end like any mass effect 3 trailer with "Pre order now get this over powered Guy thing".

Earthrise shutting down today {Massively}

Feb 9th 2012 12:07PM I wish the team of Earthrise all the best this project may not have worked out but maybe the next one will never give up and keep fighting and learn from you mistakes! Balance boots up {Massively}

Feb 7th 2012 11:01AM I really not like the "money expires" part ..... Also a lot of county's like Argentina do not support PayPal so you got no way to get the money out?!

"Depending on local laws and regulations, we may be required to remove the Balance from any account. There are region-specific expiration dates for balance. "

What county's got this laws??!!

The Tattered Notebook: New executive producer, new wishlist {Massively}

Feb 5th 2012 12:39AM Stop bagging SJ he was doing the job he was hired to do and implementing SOE policy. The policy remains in place and if Windstalker does not maintain the momentum and direction she will be fired, so do not expect any changes. I have a feeling SOE will even put less money in the game well anything that is not a cash shop item! :(

'RIFT Lite' announced, makes first 20 levels free to all [Updated] {Massively}

Feb 1st 2012 11:01AM Wonder why they did go with the first 20 levels its the more boring exp... why not do some middle content or even trow in a real small high "end game" level toon so people can have a taste what the game is like at end game. Age of Conan is the only one that got away with put the first 20 levels free like its the only full voices content.... :(

EverQuest Mac fans fight for survival; SOE responds {Massively}

Jan 31st 2012 9:24PM That box however looks epic, I remember when I first did buy Everquest that green box that did read complete collections... I loaded it in my cd-rom and their where a ton of disk it was like never ending install! And later I had to patch for almost 2 days! But the fun I had when I finally was able to play was huge!

I feel for the Mac people!