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Mobile guild chat updated for Android app {WoW}

Apr 26th 2011 4:03PM I plugged my iPhone in to update the Armory and realized I didn't have the most recent iOS...whoops...interested to see how it goes. Now a friend can't tell me no one's on to run anything when he can talk in gchat and I can get it while I'm out and about!

WoW Moviewatch: Why Can't I Raid? {WoW}

Apr 26th 2011 12:22PM I always liked this video :) I think it goes well with yesterday's Officers' Quarters:

We had some people who were never going to get raid spots and we did sit them down and explain that they were probably never going to raid with us and if they wanted the opportunity to see raiding, it might be best for them to find another guild (back at this time people didn't PuG content). If anything, I liked that we were honest about their opportunities and didn't lead them on.

Makes me want to /hug Sharm tho :(

Officers' Quarters: Wait-listing is the hardest part {WoW}

Apr 25th 2011 10:20AM When I ran a raiding guild in BC, we definitely implemented some of the ideas listed. As long as people were online while the raid was going on, they got DKP--maybe 50% of what the raid was getting. Since we also awarded DKP for wiping when we were learning fights, it worked out. The only request I had of players was if they were going to play their alt, they send me a tell with the character's name so I could find them should we need them to fill a slot. If I couldn't locate them, they didn't get the DKP for the evening. All people on the wait-list got to do what they wanted. PvP, heroics, etc. They were assisting the guild by being available, so I wasn't going to make them sit in a city waiting. We did boss rotation on SOME fights. Usually only in 10-man content. The 25s usually had people gunning for gear so we didn't swap. Off-specs didn't exist in BC when we did this. In Wrath I definitely pulled out the off-specs as necessary to get stuff done.

Our raids were planned in advance. People would know (at least) 24 hours in advance if they were on the wait-list or not. We built the raids to balance the strengths in the guild but be able to pull people in who needed to learn the fights.

I don't like having my time wasted in raids--so we made sure to try not to waste others as well :)

Breakfast Topic: Do you like the changes to classic holiday events? {WoW}

Apr 25th 2011 8:42AM Once I completed the "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been" achievement on my achievement character, I came to a screeching halt on holidays. I was on a lowbie last night and Falconwing Square was CRAWLING with people working on the holiday. I've never seen so many people there (well, maybe BC release)!

The holidays are fun the first or second time. But after devoting so much energy into making sure you hit all the meta requirements, you lose any desire to keep going. With the bosses in Wrath, I had enough gear to basically farm the instance bosses by multiboxing. Cata sorta killed it for me by the holidays hitting so early in the xpac and I hadn't really gotten anyone leveled or geared.

I just don't feel the overwhelming need to do the achievements again.

Good at raiding? Come work for Blizzard {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2011 9:49AM Wish I was back into the raiding groove. I've got to admit, I would kill to work in an office like Blizzard's--they are still riding the "have fun at work" wave that my company has been killing off since I joined them.

I've got to realize though--if WoW became all that you did, would you even WANT to play when you got off in the evenings? I'm sure it would be great at the beginning. But then you get home and you don't want to do your dailies, because you've been staring at a character all day, or sign in and do your raid because you've already seen what the next one will look like.

I won't lie, I'd apply in a heartbeat if 1/ I was still raiding and 2/ I was willing to move back out to CA. Right now #1 is really the only thing holding me back!

Pssst, hey Blizzard--EA opened an office locally (East Coast)--maybe you should ponder it...lots of geek talent here in the Corridor!

Breakfast Topic: Do your kids play WoW with you? {WoW}

Apr 23rd 2011 8:28AM Another married, no kids player. My husband and I play and several of our friends who have kids let them play.

My guild currently has a friend's son in it (and wife, and cousin!), but he doesn't play all that often because he shares his account with his mom, who's busy leveling a priest :)

Hmmm...maybe I should start advertising my guild as family-ish--we're not really "family friendly" when the adults are on--though we try to keep most of that in vent when we're all on...

Breakfast Topic: Do you have a favorite race? {WoW}

Apr 22nd 2011 11:28AM Blood elves make up the majority of my characters. The only ones that aren't belves are there because a belf couldn't be that class (Shaman and Druid).

Their lore is really rich and their downfall and resurrection as a race and culture is pretty incredible. It's unfortunate that most people look at the Blood Elves and say "Gay" or "Can't Play" or "Girlie" or the standard "There are no Blood Elf males." The reactions in WoW to the Belves truly captures that we see first and listen later. If people spent some time understanding the races of the game, maybe the tables would be turned. As a race that has lost their king, a large percentage of their population, watched their source of power be destroyed, their city leveled, and yet they still carry their heads high--that's pretty amazing for a race. The Blood Elves were dealt the worst hand of any race in the game (IMO)--the Alliance basically ran over them (well, one individual in particular), the Horde don't particularly trust them, and the one person who got them into the Horde has thrown it back in their faces with an "You OWE me" type attitude. And yet they still survive, they still work to overcome every obstacle thrown in their way.

I've always loved the symbolism of the phoenix and I think it fits the Blood Elves perfectly.

Selama ashal'anore!

The Classifieds: Final Countdown to level 25 {WoW}

Apr 20th 2011 3:48PM Grats guys on the achievement! Video was cute too :)

If anyone is looking for a Horde side guild like what Dark Demise is offering, I'll pony up my guild: Blood Moon Rising on Area 52-US. Pretty much everything in the post describes us (Lvl 5, need more people for guild heroics, etc.). If anyone's on, it'll probably be me or someone who can direct interested parties to me. Vent/Guild Website, etc are all in place as well.

Amory: - Anyone rank 1 or 2 is probably going to be me if you want more info.

Shifting Perspectives: Tanks, bribes, and player behavior, part 2 {WoW}

Apr 20th 2011 1:03PM @KhazKhal - My WoW spreadsheet collection is crazy, lol! I had a spreadsheet in Wrath that I shared with guildies for Rep Grinds. Every daily, the amount of Rep it supplied, and a way to track your completed dailies on a daily basis. I haven't updated it for Cata yet, but it's still out there. I have a spreadsheet of all my alts (I play at least one of every class), and who they are paired up with for leveling so that I can make sure that squishies either have a tank or a healer with them at all times. I have gear spreadsheets so that I know how many JP I'm targeting for my next upgrade. I have a breakout of recommended rotations for my DPS, Gemming expectations, talent specs, stat priorities...This doesn't mention the spreadsheets I've collected since BC which helped me compute Hunter DPS (before it became an online available tool), or determine mitigation on gear to determine if it would be better for my avoidance tanking set (thanks CTC Stat Calculator spreadsheet from Rhidach!).

Let me preface this with the fact that my job is heavy on data analysis. I spend probably 85% of my day in a spreadsheet. The other 15% is spent on the phone working through customer/team issues. Excel and PowerPoint are my two favorite tools and if I could do PPTs for raid preparation, I would. It's really a disease for me!

I got conditioned to research fights from raiding. I always wanted to know what the boss/trash would do. If there was a priority for killing trash due to something that couldn't be interrupted or if there was a mob that needed to be CC'd. I wanted to know if someone was a healer, someone did a conal attack, etc. I've always felt that if I'm the tank, I should know these things to reduce the stress on the healer.

I really hope I can find some guildies who want to run content and play regularly. LFD on normals is fine because I'm in control and familiar. LFD in heroics makes me want to throw myself on a sword. The sooner I can get some guild members who want to/can run heroics the quicker I'll be out of LFD. I've decided the rep grinds I'm working on are fine in normals.

Shifting Perspectives: Tanks, bribes, and player behavior, part 2 {WoW}

Apr 20th 2011 12:24PM As a player in BC, I think it was a different experience. BC was about who you knew on your realm and what guild you were in. Good tanks still didn't pug server groups (from my experience). Good tanks ran with their guild. Our MT for raids did the daily heroic, or ran A heroic as necessary to get people keys for Kara, crafting mats, whatever. Back in BC, I don't really remember going into Heroics once I was raiding. I'd help key people for Kara, or to the Champion of The Naaru title pre-raid stuff. But otherwise, I'd be crafting for guildies or something. Our tanks were the same way. They'd run someone if they needed something, but otherwise, we signed on to raid and that was that. At that point, we had so many badges we didn't know what to do with them. 4-hour drunk off our butts Kara and ZA were more interesting alternatives for us than a Heroic.

People without raiding guilds in BC probably did PuG. I just wasn't aware of it happening. Most of my friends who didn't raid didn't usually PuG. They just sat with their gear or did PvP.

I guess in some ways, it hasn't changed a lot then from BC to Cata (in my eyes).