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WRUP: Meanwhile, in the other universe ... {WoW}

May 8th 2011 9:11AM Eurgh - somehow I spelt Leicester "Leceister". If the Queen found out, I'd be deported... :S.

WRUP: Meanwhile, in the other universe ... {WoW}

May 8th 2011 8:51AM I've not heard of Fauxhall, but am happy to be corrected. Perhaps you mean Vauxhall, which is a region of south London and also a car dealership, pronounced "Vox-hall". "Faux-pas" is pronounced "Foe-pah" - but that's French. Brits don't get upset if you pronounce place names wrong, we just laugh at the obvious tourists. Also, while we're here:
Leceister (square) : pronounced "Les-ter", not "Lie - chest - er".
Southwark : pronounced "Sa - thuk", not "South - wark". Pff, obviously.
~Wither (pronounced "Wit - her").

Easily share boss strategies with Boss Blueprint {WoW}

Jan 19th 2011 10:42AM Oh, and add a feedback widget on-site!

Easily share boss strategies with Boss Blueprint {WoW}

Jan 19th 2011 10:41AM Great tool. I was thinking a lot about such an application a couple of years ago, unfortunately I lacked the energy and motivation to build it.
Some thoughts:
1) Add maps for battlegrounds.
2) Remove the ads - I'm sure this web site could become profitable, but you want to bait and switch, you don't want to deter your very first visitors.
3) Improve the arrows (use start, finish and a bspline).
4) Allow comments (perhaps integrate with Wordpress or similar).
5) Wow players could be your initial market, but I think there's demand for a very clean, simple tool like this outside of Wow.
6) The UI needs some work, start thinking about how just application would work on a touch-screen interface like the iPad. Less clicking, more dragging.
What started out as a useful tool, could be turned into a business. :D

Insanely low prices for WoW, BC, and Wrath for a limited time {WoW}

Nov 23rd 2010 5:18PM BTW, for the Brits, it's £4 and £8.

Cataclysm playable at midnight PST Dec. 7, no matter how you buy it {WoW}

Nov 15th 2010 9:40AM As I get older, the only perks of Christmas are seeing family (a mixed blessing) and over-eating. So for me, yeah I could go with that. (I should add I'm not religious).

Cataclysm playable at midnight PST Dec. 7, no matter how you buy it {WoW}

Nov 15th 2010 9:34AM I'm with Jay, as much as I want it as early as possible, it's gonna be hard to find the will-power to go to bed after launch at 12am (well 11pm for fellow Brits). The other possibility is to go to bed very early and start playing at about 5am. Then you could get a marathon all-day session in. :D
Hmmm... 5am to 10pm, let's say an obligatory 2 hour lunch break, 15 hours. What level would your new goblin / worgen be after day one?

Cataclysm: Class-specific quests removed {WoW}

Oct 22nd 2010 8:00AM Great news. Thanks brian.

Cataclysm: Class-specific quests removed {WoW}

Oct 21st 2010 7:31PM Will (Polymorph Pig) still be available? In fact, is Archmage Xylem still in Azhara?

WoW Moviewatch: Orc vs. Wild: Hillsbrad {WoW}

Oct 6th 2010 9:15PM The recent seasons of Man Vs Wild (or Born Survivor) are only available to the British from Discovery and it premieres in the US, so I wouldn't call it a US import. It's in it's seventh season, so the fact that it once was on Channel 4 once is mind-boggling irrelevant.

The "UK TV station" that investigated the show, was in fact, the Daily Mail newspaper, which is if you ask any Brit would tell you that it's, well, not exactly the Washington Post. It's a sensationalist tabloid that makes it's own headlines.

I don't think anyone who disagrees is a troll. My definition of trolling is posting inflammatory hyperbole in the hope of getting a response. Perhaps you weren't trying for a response, but your lack of respect for facts and your disrespect for Bear Grylls incensed me. It's made worse because that same bit of Bear-bashing nonsense just detracts from the rather excellent video that Wowcrendor made. Posting "why you hate person X" is wrong at the best of times, let alone here.