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One last chance to run Onyxia's key quest {WoW}

Oct 13th 2008 9:04PM Too late to have told anybody it was coming, but I did it on Alexstrasza with my druid earlier this evening. There were a half-dozen lowbies that just showed up to follow me. I got several tells wondering what was going on.

I didn't start playing until right after TBC came out so I never really stopped to do any of the old world content at the time. In some ways its probably made me more interested to go back and do some of the off-the-wall grinds most people never did. I've got a wintersaber mount, bloodsail admiral hat, defender of the timbermaw, a scarlet tabard, and soloed every 5 man dungeon in the old game. Only thing I didn't do that I wish I had was put together a full tier 1-3 set.

Caption This! {WoW}

Aug 12th 2008 12:01PM You are too far away! You are too far away! You are too far away! You are too far away! You are too far away! You are too far away! You are too far away! You are too far away!

Forum post of the day: Vicarious' legend {WoW}

Aug 7th 2008 5:29AM 1) They've got KJ on farm. They've already got a hunter in the guild with the bow (Phase). The thing is going to drop again. Its not like it has a .001% drop rate or anything.

2) There's definitely something to be said for sticking it out with the same guild from their first raid to the last boss in the game. No disrespect to the hunters if they've been attending regularly for 3 months, but I'll always show more loyalty to day-oners. That's part of moving to a new guild is that you never quite completely move up the totem pole.

3) Who am I (or you) to tell them how to run their guild? They're damn successful doing things the way they do. They've repeatedly beaten the game, something that only 50-ish US guilds can say. Whatever they're doing, the rest of us should be so lucky as to have their success. Even if you're running around in a top guild, these guys are just proving that not everyone has to follow the same specific DKP system to be successful.

Forum post of the day: A monetary slap in the face {WoW}

Aug 1st 2008 5:22AM Only time I've ever had an issue tipping is when I was hunting for primal might transmutes. I said something in trade along the lines of "WTT my mats for your primal might xmute CD. Tipping handsomely." I got 3-4 tells including one from a guildie. As a general rule, I never ask for or accept tips from guildies; sort of a "we're in it together, if it helps me it helps everyone" sort of deal. So after he finishes the xmute, he trades it back, I accept and start to leave when I get a tell asking "What about my tip?" Not wanting to start any drama, I tipped him something like 7-8 G and went off to find the next person that was willing to xmute. I tipped all the other people 20G a pop. Given that a lot of alchemists don't ever use their CD and in some cases it can be good for another skillup without the cost of mats I think that's a "handsome tip".

I think I needed something like 10-12 primals to make a set; if somebody had a bunch of them in their bank that they were willing to trade CDs for mats, I'd have tipped 100G or more. Its worth it to me to avoid the hassle of spamming trade channel and then running all over creation trying to plot a course that I can get as many of them done without worrying about my Hearthstone's CD of people logging off.