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Utgarde Keep beta impressions {WoW}

Aug 4th 2008 9:41AM From what I have read on the beta forums so far the dungeons remain unchallenging for their respective levels. I am also disappointed with the lack of gear upgrades from the dungeons and quests. In TBC I was replacing MC/BWL gear at 61/62. Everything I have read on the beta forums has T5 level stuff not being replaced until the mid 70s and T6/SP gear lasting until 77 (and maybe beyond since that is the cap).

True or not there is a feedback thread on one of the 77 dungeons where a Pally solo'd the first 2 bosses (and trash) and then a lock joined him and they cleared the rest of the instance.

I am glad that the dungeons aren't requiring tank/healer/3CC like so many TBC 5-mans felt when you were learning them. However neutering the content so any random person can show up and beat it without skill defeats the purpose of 5-mans, they should require some ability to play your class correctly.