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Dec 24th 2011 4:26PM For The Horde [and Abisek Khampfire

Ask a Beta Tester: Of textures, turtles, and Tuskarr {WoW}

Aug 10th 2008 12:02PM Leveling engineering can be a pain and expensive, but getting from level 360 - 375 engineering can take massive amounts of time and money. Is leveling engineering in this regard made any easier in Wrath (i.e. new recipes at 365- 370)?

Forum post of the day: Dialing it in {WoW}

Aug 4th 2008 12:44PM I've played with dial up on WoW for about a year and a half now (42.6k) and I can say that I've been limited in what I can accomplish. Professions, easy mode aside for obtaining raid recipes (such as Sunwell Trash), Stormwind and Orgrimmar, forget it. AB and WSG battlegrounds only or you'll lag too bad to do anything else. I do the occasional ten man raid, but vent is not an option. So what *do* I do on dial up at 70? 5-mans, rep grinding, world pvp, profession farming. Because of the lack of vent on the two servers I'm on, most guilds who are casual raiders require vent, so thus I don't raid often. So most of my time is spent leveling other classes to 70 in hopes of DSL one day, and while that may seem like a horrible idea, I really enjoy the leveling process and learning things that I perhaps didn't know about other classes and thus makes me a better player (especially since my main is a tank).

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