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Forum post of the day: Born with a plastic spoon {WoW}

Aug 18th 2008 4:35AM RAF is a good idea period.

It's a marketing stratergy from the boys at blizzard to get a crutch to new players so they don't lose intrest when they first start out making it seem like they are achieving something in record time.

Although i don't know who the hell that is in the article but they are obviouslly noob/newb due to the fact that can't even afford spells or abilities every 2 lvls.

But what I think has happened is they have made lvling so easy people are skipping huge chunks of quests in areas thus missing out on gold from completing the quest and the vendor trash from the mobs they'd have to kill to complete the quest thus removing a large chunk of their lvling revenue.

This making it fast an easier to lvl crap needs to stop here, although tbh i don't think it will. they may even introduce the ability to create a lvl 50-69 character if you have a lvl 80...

Which is when I'd decide to re-think playing the game even though I Love It, and it would be all because of the Mindless Drooling Handicapped Casual on and off players. Which plague many good game titles. People like that should just stick by their demi-god Nintendo and not disturbe us normal players from having a good time.

Seriouslly Casual on and off players should have no right to have any input into development, seeing as they only play it for 30mins a month!!?!?

What about us True Gamers, the real people who enjoy and relish in good games. Who love playing them. We are the real victims of dumbing down games and making everything so much easier, Blizzard needs to stop now they have the largest player base ever, they need to stop making WOW easier and start making it better e.g. more complex, more RP, More PvE, More LORE...

Your Lovingly

Arch Mage Wimpkin (the 3rd)


WoW Insider Show's Turpster on How I Wow {WoW}

Aug 15th 2008 5:46PM I Fucking Love Turpster with every Fibre in my body.
His humour is priceless and his personality is flawless.
He's always upbeat and I feel the other mono-tone radio people'z hold him back from his full potential.

We should stick him together on his own podcast with more vibrant ranting people.

Although don't get me wrong I subscribed to everyone WowRadio Podcast on Itunez and comment as well.. I'm just saying Turpster needs to be set Free!

I Love You TP

Your Lovingly

Arch Mage Wimpkin (the 3rd)


The Wrath of Engineering {WoW}

Aug 14th 2008 9:20AM I always would like to add the fact they should allow for a trinket chain, like the current key chain and the way they have hidden away with mounts and vanity pets i think they should do the same with trinkets so you can keep all of them with you at once allowing you to fully utalise your obsesive compulsive desire to collect'em'all. I know I have 2 Bank slots devoted to them.x

Your Faithfully "again"

Arch Mage Wimpkin (the 3rd)


The Wrath of Engineering {WoW}

Aug 14th 2008 9:17AM @ MechChef

What the hell are you talking about many players have multiple arrays of gear for different situations playstyle's PvP PvE RP etc.. being able to enchant most of these awesome new engineering awesome-sauce abilities onto lets say PvP Arena Gear will be a Giant boost rather then wearing the current blue booties you could chuck these on your season 9 arse kicking converse-style sneakers and zoom around the arena at break neck speeds keeping the stats of the Epic boots - Resilience Stam and whatever else you need...

This is a very well thought out Idea from Blizzard allowing engineers to apply things like these to items.

I only hope and pray that you can see the items; e.g. see that somone has an enchanted cloak from a glance or that somones gloves have Pyro Rockets attatched to them or even go so far as too see Rings and necklaces and Gems on the characters gear not great big stonking things but suttle enough to be noticed by serious players or RP'ers and even if it could be another notch on the Graphic's engine which you turn on to allow you too see all they fucking Awesome-sauce things...

Thats my dream anyway.x

Your Faithfully

Arch Mage Wimpkin (the 3rd)


"I R Haz NomNom"

Breakfast Topic: Where do you plan to get Wrath? {WoW}

Aug 9th 2008 9:23AM I'm from London England and Got my Burning Crusade Collectors Audition at Midnight at HMV on Oxford Street in central London.

I got my copy Signed by the top dog at the Blizzard HQ in France "Ben Bassat", Everyone dressed up just under a 100,000 people were there ready to buy a copy.

TV Crews were there it was epic.! Got tons of free stuff like models and stuff for dressing up. We spent the entire day camping at a pub across the road which turned out to by a gay bar hot spot. Mish Mish It was an Awesome Experience.!

I'll be looking out for something similar happening for WotLK, and camp outside the shop till midnight Grab it have a party with my fellow WOW community before rushing home installing it and being the first druid too lvl 80 on my realm and getting the achievment for it

Authenticator failure revisited, Blizzard responds {WoW}

Aug 5th 2008 2:47PM This is only happened to 1# person so far, to my knowledge, it's not as though this is a world wide panic of easy mode account hacking. As long as there are smart intelligant clever minded individuals out there, secruity will be an issue. If somone wants to get some information they will seize it.

Why anyone thought that by buying one it would make them 100% hack proof is beyond me. The people who thought this, seem to be very nieve to the way the world works then.

A man from england is being extroditend to America for hacking into the FBI, Pentagon etc. on a £200 computer in his bedroom and messing around with their files.

So that really proves my point on how no one is going to be 100% safe & Secure in the digital or real world.

We can only put up extra lines of defence to protect our selves.

Yours Knowledgably

Arch Mage Wimpkin (the 3rd)

15 Minutes of Fame: Retiring player goes out with a BOOM {WoW}

Aug 5th 2008 8:57AM Thats was an extremely moving story, I'm Usually a very unemotional person/gamer, But even that, I couldn't help feel a tear somewhere in the back of my head, trying to come out.

I'm really sorry to hear about the terrible event that happened to you. But it seems you've moved on, and your sure as hell taking hold of this Opportunity with both hands, Well done, I commend you.

It's a shame you've left the WOW Community but i hope that once your totally settled you may brush the dust of the case and come back...we can only hope.x

Your Sincerley

Arch Mage Wimpkin (the 3rd)

Scarsheild Legion - EU