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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: A Call To Arms {WoW}

Sep 5th 2009 3:22AM Once again Mathew Rossi shows he knows nothing about the Warrior class:

"Sword Spec is now hampered by an internal cooldown that prevents the ability from proccing twice in close succession, meaning that at most you'll get an extra attack that might be a crit and then nothing for 45 seconds."

Wrong. Internal cooldown on Sword Spec is 6 seconds. Did you even READ it?

"Poleaxe's 5% crit bonus and 5% more damage from each crit"

Wrong again. Poleaxe spec only affects the crit damage BONUS, not the entire crit.

"it's awesome going up against another warrior and seeing him shatter the bubble your resto druid with Val put on you."

Wrong. Shattering throw doesn't "break bubbles" you idiot, it only breaks invulnerabilities. Considering your guild in all it's wisdom decided to give the legendary mace to a resto druid, no wonder it looked like his Shattering Throw broke the bubble; it only absorbed 300 damage.

Every article you write involving Warriors is filled with misinformation and it's obvious you don't know enough to play the class well, let alone write a column. Terrible... -_-

The Care and Feeding of Warriors: PTR Arms {WoW}

Apr 4th 2009 5:35PM This author, Mathew Rossi, has consistently shown his ignorance towards the Warrior class. Within one of his "news" articles awhile ago I found over nine errors in his assumptions of Warrior mechanics.

He consistently writes pure drivel.

Patch 3.1 PTR Ulduar/Emblem of Conquest Gear for Warriors {WoW}

Mar 7th 2009 7:02PM 1. Your article mentions a Deep Wounds nerf but does not cite it. After your citation it is obvious to any warrior who knows about their class that this "nerf" was actually a bug that was changed and hotfixed 3 weeks ago.

You're posting about PTR information and including a change that was ALREADY made three weeks ago. Bad journalism.

2. You claim "a warrior could pretty easily reduce armor by 10 to 15% " but include battle stance in that guesstimate. You can get 5-6% from a SINGLE piece of gear with armor penetration rating (Malygos Boots).

How is this worthy of being "news"? Why are you doing basic math like (My current armor pen) + (10%) for us? This is just useless fluff.

3. Half of your post mentions the trinket "Grim Toll". How can you spend two paragraphs talking about a trinket's effectiveness in an upcoming patch that:

a) Will be replaced in that same next patch.
b) Is already incredibly terrible and nowhere near best-in-slot.

If you knew anything about warriors you would know Grim Toll is bad because of how terrible hit rating is AND how terrible Armor Penetration is. Close to the worst trinket in the game.

4. "Since the more armor you ignore the better the effect (a 1% armor reduction is pretty trivial due to DR on armor, but a 10% is far more substantial)"

This is exactly ass backwards. The more armor penetration you stack, the LESS useful it is. Do some research please.

5. "Armor Pen seems to be scaling better for warriors (who do mostly physical DPS) than for almost anyone else, especially after the Deep Wounds nerfs."

Armor Penetration doesn't scale well for other classes because high percentages of their damage isn't affected by it. If a Retribution Paladin's damage breakdown is:

75% Melee
25% Judgements

Then he will only get 0.75 of the value for each point of armor pen, because magic already penetrates armor and is thus unaffected by armor penetration.

Do you know WHY warriors get Deep Wounds? Because it is a BLEED, and BLEEDS IGNORE ARMOR ALREADY.

A large portion of Warrior damage, even though 100% is physical, is still armor-ignoring, thus armor penetration does not affect it.

6. You suggested Mace Specialization. If this talent's effectiveness were doubled it would still be inferior to Poleaxe.

7. Your analysis of the Conquest Neck vs. the Ulduar neck is purely guesstimation, which given a 50/50 chance, was still wrong. The Ulduar neck is better than the badge neck.

What's most embarrassing here Mathew is your readers are just as ignorant as you are, which is likely why they're reading WoWinsider for their World of Warcraft information.

These people might as well read "World Wide News" for their RL info too.

Patch 3.1 PTR Ulduar/Emblem of Conquest Gear for Warriors {WoW}

Mar 7th 2009 3:40PM Wow. You know absolutely nothing about warriors. I've never read worse gibberish on this site than what you just posted.

Congratulations on letting everyone know how hopelessly ignorant you are.

Forum post of the day: Vicarious' legend {WoW}

Aug 7th 2008 6:28AM Almost everyone in this thread has three misconceptions:

1. Having Warglaives as a rogue means you're at the pinnacle of your dps.

That bow was an upgrade for his dps. The single last upgrade any rogue can get from Sunwell. His gear is literally perfect--as if someone went shopping in Sunwell on a private server.

2. The hunters have been in the guild "since ssc".

No, the hunters /gquit from their OLD guild, and transferred servers JUST to raid with a more progressed guild. After only downing 2 progression bosses, I wouldn't call them loyal members. (Mu'ru & Kil'Jaedon)

3. Loot distribution matters for this guild.

Let me point something out, as a lot of you didn't even read the article. They've killed Kil'Jaedon SEVEN times. There are NO more bosses. You don't need to gear based on who it's best for after that point.

It's all farm content, and considering the rogue's loyalty (47 progression kills worth of loyalty compared to the TWO the hunters tote around), yes, he DOES deserve the shiny, new, and realistically unimportant bow upgrade.

The guild isn't going anywhere, and neither are their hunters--after all, they transferred JUST to get those phat legendary bows after all.