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Barrens Chat: Spoiled Rotten {WoW}

Oct 3rd 2008 1:46PM @EDboy

Actually its common decency why people don't say the things you did. Yes, you think its bad, that doesn't mean "the strip should cease to exist" it means that the type of humor doesnt fit you.

I gotta love people that blame lack of criticism on gender in a blog. Are you trying to get a rise, or are you just an offensive person in general? There's a large difference between someone giving criticism and someone trying to get a rise.

Forum post of the day: Vicarious' legend {WoW}

Aug 7th 2008 9:55AM First of all, anyone has a right to comment on here regardless of whether or not they are in sunwell, have downed the big K, or have endgame content on farm. I'm pretty sure,unless I missed the memo, that the only requirement to play is game is to be a human being. But I sincerely appreciate the false sense of elitism towards endgame content that is going to be replaced in four months.

That said, this is more or less a matter of principle. The idea of giving a hunter bow to a rogue is extremely hypocritical of two main principals hardcore raiding guilds preach.

1. Min/Maxing. I believe, unless I am mistaken that hardcore raiding guilds preach towards doing whatever it takes to maximize the usefulness of your class. Chugg potions, wear the best enchants, use macro's to enhance damage output. etc etc.

a. Hunter has auto shot. Rogue does not
b. Hunter has several moves in direct relation with the bow's dps. Rogue does not.
c. I'm not going to do the math but ultimately a hunter benefits hundreds of times more from this upgrade.

Now, assuming you are in a guild where you advocate and require people to min/max and do their best, how does it look when you reward someone not based on this principal but based on loyalty and frankly, favoritism.

The fact of the matter is, this move was wrong. You can sit there and justify it with fancy references to loyalty and "oh you wouldn't understand", but im pretty sure everyone understands, thats why it became a wow insider article.

Any reason given for not giving a legendary hunter (and im sorry, but just because the item doesn't have the "hunter" only tag doesn't mean common sense tells me it is) item to a hunter , and instead to a melee class that uses it as a statstick, where they gained (see page 2 or 3 where someone listed the stat gains)
mininmal increase, is flawed and based on the notion that it would be super neat to have a character in our guild with three legendaries.

To the defenders of this decision, you name Loyalty as your primary factor, yet, doesn't loyalty go both ways? As much as this rogue has been there for the guild, wouldn't in fact that also suggest the rogue has nothing but the best intentions of the guild in mind. That would imply that he would want whats best for his guildmates, because believe it or not, you need 25 people to raid. not 10 best buds or 15 close friends, but 25 people, and an increase in a raiding groups dps should be the number one reason an item goes to a player.

There are reasons why mail healing gear only goes to paladins when the shamans don't need, or cloth healing gear usually goes to mail and plate users last, or why you don't give feral tanking leather to a rogue.

It's called common sense. and this guild could be on Arthas himself and still not have any.