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Totem Talk: Beta Impressions {WoW}

Aug 8th 2008 11:08AM As a raiding enhancement shaman all I want to know about the new talents is the mechanics of the flame shock/lava burst combination.

I've seen many comments like Teaspoon's about how we should be constantly flameshocking and allowing the ele shaman to use the dot for their lava bursts.

This concerns me because of how the enhancement tree is being rebuilt around melee/spell casting synergy. Having to keep casting flameshock for someone else to use, I'm directly losing 10% of my overall dps (the combined earthshock and full run of the flameshock dot), plus the loss of 9% melee crit, procs of shamanistic focus, procs of Maelstrom Weapon, and (depending on how talent points are spent) the loss of procs of elemental focus.

I'm all about buffing my raid (stormstrike charges for the ele's and WF for the rogues...) but I don't want my whole talent build shot in order to give the ele's a bit more damage.