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If it's broken, then fix it! {Massively}

Feb 4th 2009 12:29AM It has always bothered me that (in WoW) you get less experience when you group up, it is an MMO after all, and you should get awarded for grouping.
It just feels wrong to get punished for it...

The Daily Grind: If you could only play one... {Massively}

Jan 31st 2009 8:11AM
I'd have to go with World of Warcraft.
Age of Conan just was not what i could, and should, have been imo.
Warhammer? nah, just don't think so.
LotRO? meh, it's (please don't hunt me down and kill me!) almost just like WoW anyway...

But, if the World of Darkness MMO is any good, i would have to go with that. Vampire is my favorite tabletop RPG of all time (except for an obscure Norwegian one^^).
If they do it good, I would never play anything else again.

And the first World of Warcraft player to reach level 80 is... {Massively}

Nov 15th 2008 4:48AM You can always count on the americans to make the most clever posts:p
seriously though, you might wanna find out what socialism is before posting dumb comments like that.
and, also look up egoism

WoW's pre-Wrath patch goes live {Massively}

Oct 16th 2008 1:33AM Yay for features blatantly copied from the WoW clone :D

Forum post of the day: The challenge {WoW}

Oct 6th 2008 2:32PM I'm sorry, I don't understand - When did this BLOG become a news site?

Forum post of the day: No table for you! {WoW}

Sep 20th 2008 11:26AM I kind of expect at least one mage to make a table, and a lock to make a soulwell in BG, after all it is for the greater good, for the success of the team.
that being said, it's no crisis if the dont.

Raids are an entierly different matter.
So i got a cheap ass mage in my raid?
doesnt wanna make a table?
Fine, I'll just convince the priest/druid/pala etc. not buff you, I will refuse to help you if you get aggro, and ill do my best to not raid with you until you learn to make me a table.
That being said, I always lug around 4kinds of buff foods (+spell dmg, +20stam, +30stam, +agi) in case anyone needs it.
its about being a nice guy, and everyone doing their part of the raids success.

Breakfast Topic: Titles! Titles! Titles! {WoW}

Sep 1st 2008 11:19AM I don't mind the first titles, as long as people like myself (with family and a job) can also get some titles.
Make more of em, with various difficulties.

Forum post of the day: Where's my big brother {WoW}

Aug 26th 2008 10:52AM I only have a few real asses (anals?) on my ignore.
I keep /2 on at all times, and i hang out in cities when im not doing anything in particular.
And no, i do not spam trade.

Whats the problem?
you people seem to get very upset over nothing tbh, get over it and move on.
you don't have to read everything in your chat box:p
and, no, i don't believe that you are constantly chatting and/or selling/buying:p

Anti-Aliased: Do you actually want to play the game anymore? {Massively}

Aug 8th 2008 12:17PM When i first started playing WoW (ca. 1 year ago) i read every quest, did all quest in all areas i leveled in, and generally had a blast.
My fav passtime was getting hold of new cooking skills and get my gear to match up to each other.
I still remember the glorious moment when i got my first mount.

now, to the point.
i stopped playing WoW about a month ago.
why you ask? I'll tell you.
Around lvl 65, in my eager to get to lvl 70, i got a ton of addons (had noone before), questhelper was one of them.
from that point on i never read a quest again.
not once.
I was raiding kara/gruul/za every week with my guild (btw, prot warr ftw!), and in the end i found it dreadfully boring.
I tried lvling an alt, but was bored by lvl 15.
i tried taking a break, but was bored the second i went back.
point is, i ruined the game for myself.
I can pinpoint the exact moment it happened too; when the grind became more important than the story.
when the strive for higher lvls/gear was more important than actually playing the game.

I have ruined WoW for myself, and i don't see it coming back either.
Which makes me sad, because I really loved WoW.
The passion is no longer there.