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Oct 2nd 2008 7:44PM I r teh pwnerer. U r teh pwnee, I r going to pwn you on teh Horde side I r.

Caption This! {WoW}

Sep 26th 2008 1:36PM Tired of Zombies following you? *Breaks off to show picture* Want something that will put a kick in that dead truck drivers brains being blown out? Then try Zombie Repellent! It's a simple easy to use product. All you have to do is pick up the 12-gauge, load it with the zombie repellent ammo, and then fire away! Look what happened when we didn't give our patented Zombie Repellent to this poor unsuspecting victim while touring through Racoon City *Breaks off to show picture* Well, lets just say that he won't be touring around any longer! So buy Zombie Repellent to keep away those nasty zombies! Warning product may have varying side effects including: Missing Limbs, gun jamming, death of your dead risen mother/father/sister/brother/wife/son/daughter/nephew/niece/aunt/uncle/neighbor/boss at work/police officer/dog/cat/or other varying members of the community. Zombie Repellent is not to be used in school shootings. Cannot be guaranteed to prevent becoming a zombie yourself. Must be 18 older to order this product from our company. Thanks, and have a great day without Zombies!

Know Your Lore: The Ashbringer {WoW}

Aug 14th 2008 7:11PM It's not the browser, but, do you see the little dotted lines under a post? Well, that means someones replied to that. You can't reply to the reply, instead, you have to scroll up to what THEY replied to, and hit the reply button. It will be a little purple button that says Reply. Please, look a LITTLE harder before asking this.
Thank you.

Know Your Lore: The Ashbringer {WoW}

Aug 14th 2008 7:05PM Umm...the reason he didn't kill Arthas, was, and I'm not saying it's the full reason, but Arthas, technically isn't dead...He is still a living breathing human, that has immense power, kind of like Illidan. He's still a Night Elf with Demonic Powers and features. Ashbringer, COULD kill Arthas, but remember, Arthas was the king of Lordaeron. This is a theory, but in the medieval times, if a King dies the prince would become king. Well, Prince Arthas, killed his father, and became respected king of Lordaeron. And his people knew how powerful he was, so if they tried to kill him, they'd be screwed over. Mograine was all the way in Southfall around the time of Arthas betrayal. After creating Ashbringer, he went up to EPL and WPL and was killing the Undead that Arthas didn't kill when he was on his way to Stratholme. I'm sure he was pretty busy with all of the Undead their too...I mean, it is currently, by means of technicality, the Scourge capital on Azeroth. Atleast until Northrend opens up.

Win beta keys in Wowhead olympics {WoW}

Aug 9th 2008 1:10AM Na, not all of em are legit. Alot are like, be drunk for 4 hours straight. I don't seem to recall that being an olympic event.

Win beta keys in Wowhead olympics {WoW}

Aug 9th 2008 1:02AM AP = Achievement Points

Long Distance - Run 10,000 yards non-stop without using any mounts or any movement increasing abilities, including teleport.

Reward= 15 AP

Short Distance - Run 1,000 yards non-stop without using any mounts or any movement increasing abilities, including teleport.

Reward= 10 AP

Long Jump - Jump 20 yards without dieing, mounted, or not.

Reward= 15 AP

High Jump - Jump upward consecutively 3 times, or reaching a height of 6 feet. Mounted or non-mounted. Teleport is not countable.

Reward= 20 AP

Bronze Medalist Swimmer - Swim 1,000 yards without wading in shallow water non-stop.

Reward= 10 AP and Silver Medalist Swimmer achievement becomes available.

Silver Medalist Swimmer - Swim 5,000 yards without wading in shallow water non-stop or entering combat.

Reward=20 AP and Gold Medalist Swimmer achievement becomes available.

Gold Medalist Swimmer - Swim 10,000 yards without wading in shallow water non-stop, entering combat, or dieing of no breath.

Reward=40 AP and *name* the Gold Medalist Swimmer. All of the swimming achievements run into each other, so when you are doing Silver Medalist, the 1,000 yards from Bronze Medalist counts towards it.

Olympic Flag Carrier - Carry the Horde or Alliance Battle Flag Standard PvP reward for 100 yards, signifying your love for your Faction.

Reward=40 AP and *name* the Flag Carrier

Olympic Shooter - Use a ranged weapon 50 times non-stop without any melee intervals. Counts towards NPC combat or PvP.

Reward=20 AP

Olympic Speed Skater - Use any movement enhancing abilities on ice, including Sprint, Pirsuit of Justice or a mount for 15 seconds.

Reward= 10 AP

Olympic Fencer - Parry 5 and Hit 10 times with a melee weapon in a fight. PvP counts towards this.

Reward= 5 AP

Olympic Canoer - Ride a boat for 10 minutes, without getting off of it or entering Combat.

Reward= 10 AP

Olympic Gymnastics - Jump 5 times in a row without using any movement enhancing abilities, or teleport. Mounts do not count.

Reward= 5 AP

Olympic Cycling - Ride a mount for 1,000 yards non-stop, without dismounting.

Reward= 10 AP

Olympic Volleyball - Return 10 ranged hits to a ranged enemy without missing once.

Reward= 15 AP

Olympic Bronze Medalist - Complete 1/3 of the Olympic Achievements.

Reward= 20 AP and Olympic Silver Medalist achievement available.

Olympic Silver Medalist - Complete 2/3 of the Olympic Achievements. Pre-req Olympic Bronze Medalist.

Reward= 30 AP and Olympic Gold Medalist achievement available.

Olympic Gold Medalist - Complete 3/3 of the Olympic Achievements. Pre-req Olympic Silver Medalist.

Reward= 40 AP and Olympisist achievement unlocked.

Olympisist - Complete every Achievement in the Olympic line including Olympic Bronze Medalist, Silver Medalist, and Gold Medalist.

Reward= 75 AP and *name* the Olympisist title unlocked. A new tabard for your faction, an Alliance Tabard with the original Alliance sign. Or the Horde Tabard with the original Horde sign.

Thanks for reading!

What do you guys think of my idea? It's already posted on the I REALLY REALLY hope it wins. This'll be like the 4th time of me trying to get a beta-key from a promotional event.