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The Light and How to Swing It: Seals, Blessings and Auras part II {WoW}

Jun 22nd 2008 10:05PM Just stumbled across this thread of conversation, and thought I'd comment. I've been a raider in the past, mostly in Molten Core and BWL, and was "forced" into a healer role when i much preferred playing Ret. I'm now a more "casual" gamer, in a small guild that still hasn't managed to clear Kara. We've played pretty solid since release, with the only breaks in my play being when I was deployed.

Zach, I completely agree with your assessment of Seals. I've healed both as Ret and Holy, and when I've been in the secondary or tertiary healing role, I've found myself charging into combat, wielding my weak weapon, only to keep JoL/M up on a target, and wishing I had a better way to heal the group. Allowing the seals to work differently for heals would be fantastic.

I was interested to hear why you didn't mention Blessing of Sacrifice. I know it's kind of evolved into "the Maiden blessing" for Pally healers, but it has other applications, such as in arenas. I use it to protect my Holy Priest wife, after having already used BoP on her (another Blessing you failed to mention). Blessing of Freedom completes the trifecta of unmentioned blessings that, while situational, deserves at least a mention.