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The Tuesday Morning Post: I survived the Fail Murloc edition {WoW}

Aug 14th 2008 12:30PM I found this shirt. Plan on wearing one there and when i ordered it it went through on the first try without anyone buying it out of my shopping cart.

New 'Batman 3' Rumors: Riddler & Penguin {Cinematical}

Aug 10th 2008 10:22AM A few things... 1) Catwoman doesn't have minions, she worrks alone and usually FOR someone else 2) Danny Devito was good in the role he was cast in the second movie (sadly that role wasn't Penguin as anyone who knows Penguin from the comics can attest to) 3) Riddler is NOT a joker knockoff. He is not the Jim Careyesque buffoon. He is a calculating mastermind who's only flaw is that he feels compelled to leave clues that enable him to be caught. I could see Depp pulling it off. I also think Black Mask or Mr. Zasz would be a good choice.

Also I don't think 2 face is dead. I think they put him in arkham and covered it up so Gotham would have it's "true hero"