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Tips for using the new Shadowmeld wisely {WoW}

Sep 17th 2008 9:48PM Said pretty well. Night elf racials in my eyes have actually been nerfed now. It's not like you can shadowmeld drink IN COMBAT now, you may only shadowmeld, considering you DON'T have faerie fire on you. You can only cover your drink with a shadowmeld once every 3 minutes now instead of 10 seconds like before. The only situation I see this new shadowmeld being useful for my rogue is stopping a polymorph cast on me once every 3 minutes, if I'm a decent distance away from them heh. A joke of a racial when compared to the other 'Use' racials. WoTF, Stoneform, Escape Artist, AOE Silence, Blood Rage, Berserking.

I would like to see the cooldown lowered considerably, maybe 30 seconds, and require you to be near an actual shadow in order to use it.

The -2% chance to be hit isn't even as good at the +1% dodge we have now LOL? the -2% hit is MAYBE decent for a NE priest who has Elune's grace active, for 22% or w/e it is, maybe 17%. Problem is in WoTLK that -2% chance to be hit, along with other similar talents and the like are easily countered with +hit items, which you will have anyways unless you enjoy seeing auto's/specials/poisons/spells missing.

Faster corpse runs! Wooo after you kill the NE with your superior racials it gets to run back faster increasing the chances for a res timer, and allowing you to gain more honorable kills for the day. And completely nullified in arena. Maybe it's slightly useful for raiding, you get to start drinking 10 seconds before the non night elves of the raid, grats on being the raids #1 rebuffer, though you still have to wait for the rest of the raid to be ready before you can kill that boss!

The Colosseum: Reflex, Vengeful Gladiator {WoW}

Aug 10th 2008 8:11PM WOW Alex. Just because Sephon beasted you and Shin at the same time. That's no reason to be so sour!