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The Wrath you never saw {WoW}

Dec 29th 2009 1:45PM Great article and it sums up a lot of thoughts that I had about Wrath.

Wrath is still a great xpac, but on playing it for the first time, I always felt that it had an unfinished feel to it and that it could've been so much more than it turned out to be:

- Where were the armies? We were meant to be at the vanguard of a massive invasion into Northrend but apart from the starting bases, a few troops in the Dragonblight and then a few around Icecrown. Instead of feeling that we were in the midst of a last stand against the Lich King, yet again we were doing random quests for mobs AGAIN for the most part

- Borean Tundra was well, boring. This is inexcusable - Blizzard should know now how to design a great zone by now, surely especially the all important starting zone.

- The quests and story progressions were done very badly - I would've expected a big story told via quests to have lead us through the zones, but instead there were so many quests that just petered out and very shaky linking quests. The worse offender must be Storm Peaks - I can't find ONE quest that actually tells me to head there - and then when you are there you have to actively hunt down the major quest hubs or randomly discover them. Where is the story reason for you heading up to to help the various factions there? There's hardly any of them.

- Again, like this article said, so much of the zones seemed to be underused - Crystal song is a lovely zone yet there's no reason to go there, hardly. Sholazar Basin seems half empty too.

- Like others have said, major stories just seemed to end - Zul Drak actually has a really good lengthy quest chain (except I'm now sick of attacking Troll Cities!) and then when you get to the final instance, it just all ends suddenly with no real resolution. Ditto all the Vyrkul stories.

- Talking of trolls, enough of Troll cities already - there's been so many since WoW start. Please stop Blizzard.

- Like others have said, I'm really tired of Arenas causing constant Balance patches - earlier this year there seemed to be a patch balance about every 4 weeks - I play a few classes and it was really hard work catching up re. what class should use what rotation / gear this week. I think that Blizzard should lose Arenas from the game - the balance issues that it throws up are crazy.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Wrath - but I found the lore/storyline and atmosphere disappointing - where Northrend should've felt amazing, all too often I was thinking 'What am I doing here? Where is everyone? What's the point?'

Yes, there are great things that happened with Wrath - the DK starting zone was great, the recent Dungeon Finder has really transformed the game. So let's give credit where credit due, but Wrath was a B+ where it should've been an A+

I really hope that with Cataclysm, Blizzard use the phasing tech to make some interesting storylines where you feel that your actions are affecting the world and that the storyline is moving on.

Here's hoping.

Healing's evolution in Cataclysm {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2009 4:30PM I'd like to see healing in it's current form completely leave the game.

Fact is, is that only a minority of players enjoy whack-a-mole and looking at resource bars instead of looking at the play area. But as players we need these people, this minority.

I would contend that the trinity model worked on a small scale game of dedicated MMO players - which Blizzard originally thought WoW would be played by - and not by a mass audience.

As to what could replace it... I don't know! But I do think that healing is now the weakest part of WoW's gameplay.

The problem of Outland in Cataclysm {WoW}

Sep 15th 2009 5:07PM One of the first posters made a great point re. that this problem had already started with the DK starting zone i.e.

- the DK starting zone is obviously set at least at the same time as the events that happen as part of TBC (Draenei and Belves can be DKs)
- Yet level 58s are supposed to rock up and go to to Outland... and play out a campaign that seems to not make sense given the chronology that happens in the DK starting zone

And now, it's going to get worse...

Will Blizzard update Outland? Probably not, so it's going to be even more irrelevant.
Will Blizzard update Northrend? Again probably not.

However, there could've been one good solution in that Blizzard could've made Outland and Northrend part of different phases... That then you could come out of and help your guildmates, friends if they were in different phases i.e. the rest of the game.

However, since Deathwing is going to bring the rest of the old zones to the present this just won't make any sense at all.

Maybe most people won't care that much - I don't know - but with games like the Old Republic saying that they are going to make storyline as core to the game as gameplay, Blizzard's attempts at story and lore are looking quite weak now - I really think that they need to work on this now.

To be honest, I just don't know what the solution could be unless it's simply leaving Outland and Northrend as they are and treating them like instances that you'd get to in the caverns of time i.e. trips into the past and making it possible to level up using these as well as the re-engineered old world i.e. Azeroth old zones could take you up from 1-80...

Breakfast Topic: Would you play a neutral character? {WoW}

Aug 20th 2009 9:03AM I'm not meaning players vs player - I mean that storywise, you'll read in the comics, the books etc. that the Alliance and the Horde hate eachother...

But ingame this doesn't particularly come across to me - I'm not talking about players randomly ganking eachother, but more that the storyline says one thing - horde vs. alliance! - and then the game is mostly about PVE raids where both the horde and alliance vs. against NPC factions.

What I'm trying to say is that Blizzard started off with the whole Horde Vs. Alliance things in the Warcraft games, then made WoW and based it on EQ and turned it into far more a PVE thing with the whole Horde vs. Alliance thing fading into the background somewhat.

I'm just trying to say that Blizzard have never managed to make a game where PvP and PvE are equally a part of the game and where the whole Horde Vs. Alliance aspect of the Warcraft universe has ever been properly implemented or depicted ingame.

Breakfast Topic: Would you play a neutral character? {WoW}

Aug 20th 2009 8:33AM I don't play in a PvP server, but storywise it's almost like we all play neutral factions anyway... I mean the Alliance and Horde are meant to be at eachother's throats but you don't really see it in-game, so whatever faction you are in is almost meaningless - there's no real competition or conflict and nothing that you do in the battlegrounds or Wintergrasp actually changes the world...

So I'd say 'no' to a neutral faction as WoW is meant to be mostly Alliance vs. the Horde so I'd say 'yes' to Blizzard properly delivering on this!

World of Warcraft PTR Patch 3.2.2 Paladin changes {WoW}

Aug 16th 2009 4:28AM Whatever the changes, I still feel that Paladins are one of the most poorly designed classes in the game as the gameplay and spells are just dull and there doesn't seem to be enough attack/spell abilities and a ridiculous amount of buffing spells too.

Why can't Blizzard make the Paladin:

- Have interesting offensive capabilities? Can't they have lots of interesting strikes for different situations that cause some sort of debuff which then you have a choice of using a judgement on (similar to rogue finishing moves?). They nearly have this with the current seals system... But not quite.

- Can't healing be interesting? Having paladins be the 'single-target' spam healer is just poor game design. The time has come to make paladins provide healing from some sort of melee/offensive capabilities. In fact, healing as a whole in WoW needs overhauling, period.

- Bad itemization. As lots of people have said, if Blizzard can sort out Druid itemization re. feral tanking armour, spellpower armour can be consigned to the garbage can of history with a talent that converts a str/sta/def/block etc. (depending on spec) into spellpower with obviously holy having the more effective conversion.

The frustrating thing is that Paladins could be so much more and with Druids - and with DKs - Blizzard have shown that they can make hybrids have really interesting and successful mechanics yet they have really failed to do this with the Paladin.

Fingers crossed for the next xpac (mind you, I said that about Wrath...)

Breakfast Topic: Looking forward to patch 3.3 and the next expansion {WoW}

Aug 7th 2009 8:31AM My bet is spring 2010 for the next Xpac.

The encounter with Arthas, the main Icecrown patch will be a big big patch probably time unlocked (like Sunwell) to make it last and I reckon that this one will hit around November for the holiday period.

Then we can expect some pre-launch activity for the next X-pac...

I think that the next x-pac will come far sooner than everyone reckons as Blizzard is getting more competition as time goes on and the game is getting older... Also it's hard to see what else Blizzard can do re. patches with WOLK without completely going out of the story - Uldur is done, now it's time for Icecrown...

The Digital Continuum: SWTOR is in a year far, far away part 2 {Massively}

Jul 31st 2009 11:31AM I think that we'll see this game in 2010... Mid-2010 As other posters have said, Bioware is using a third party engine etc. and the game seems to be pretty far along.

Mid 2010 will be before the next WOW Xpac most likely too - Blizzard always seem to take longer than they think to deliver xpacs for WoW - also they need to do something special for the third xpac as the game is really starting to show it's age now - and updating the game play, graphics engine etc. will take time. But Blizzcon is soon, so we'll see...

Also 2011-12 will most likely see details of the next Blizzard MMO so TOR needs to land well before then... I can't see WoW lasting more than 100 levels (the game will just start to feel really old if it went on more than that) so I'd say that WoW will end in 2011 or so...

My gut feeling is 2010 for this game, can't wait...

What are SWTOR's three final classes? part 2 {Massively}

Jul 31st 2009 9:05AM Good point re. the Sith agent class... That one looks a dead cert HOWEVER...

From what Bioware have revealed it does look like you'll be able to cross factions i.e. make a moral choice that pushes you to the arms of the Sith or vice versa.

So the Twi'lek in the cinematic might actually be a smuggler that's decided to throw their lot in with the Sith...

What are SWTOR's three final classes? part 2 {Massively}

Jul 31st 2009 8:30AM Republic

3. Jedi
Jedi will be playable from the start I'm sure - they'll just be like another class and it'll be up to bioware to make the other classes compelling so we won't see servers with 90% jedi!

4. Droid class
Hard to see what bioware could do here re. making a really unique class, so I vote for a sentient droid class to give the final class a really unique compelling flavour

2. Sith/Dark Jedi
Need I say more? :)

3. Mandorlorian
I think that you will be able to play this class and it'll be like the Trooper class with melee added in - more versatile

4. A droid class
Like our good friend from KOTOR