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The Lawbringer: Mailbag 10 {WoW}

Mar 16th 2012 5:43PM Mat kinda failed to mention that being a minor does not prevent you from having to pay taxes nor file income tax forms. In the US if you made money (actual money, not virtual money), or received a prize/gift you have to claim it on your taxes, regardless of your age. If you're 16 and you work at burger king, you have to file taxes. Now, your parents can and should still claim you as a dependent, and you should be filing with the Yes box checked for "can anyone else claim you as a dependent?" I believe the same is true for state filing, with exceptions for those states that do not have income tax, places like New Hampshire and Texas.
As for the RMT-AH part of D3, I think others have covered that part well. Minors are likely to be on their parent's account, or that the parents are the actual owners of the account, and therefore minors would not be subject to taxation, if it were possible.

MMO Roundup: Game of Thrones MMO debut, mobile MMOs, and more {WoW}

Mar 6th 2012 6:03PM I just don't see game of thrones (or the Westeros world) being all that great as an MMO. that universe lends itself better to an RTS game. something akin to the old westwood studios Dune II, where you pick a house and campaign with them until you control all of the lands.

The Light and How to Swing It: The case against Vengeance {WoW}

Mar 2nd 2012 6:01PM I was just thinking that too. Tanks could get an ability that transfers vengeance to the off-tank before or just after the taunt/swap. this would be a great thing to add to the "active" tanking model they are trying to go for. the other possibility I was thinking is that vengeance could be a debuff tanks have to maintain on the boss, and it multiplies the threat of the current top target by x amount or y%. this way as long as you start out at the top of the threat list you have vengeance working for you, if you have to swap (since taunt can no longer miss) the off-tank automatically gets the stacks transferred to them. they just have to actively keep the debuff up on the target(s). otherwise it's a tank fail, and DPS will over take the tanks on threat, as it should be.

Totem Talk: 5 ways to look like a bad restoration shaman {WoW}

Feb 14th 2012 3:02PM You absolutely can use the same gear for ele that you use for resto. And you are correct that they will not be 'optimal' for either, but they will be more than adequate for both. you just have to pay attention to things like meta gem and weapon enchant and select one that is definitely useful to both, e.g. +int and 3% crit effect, and power torrent. Also keep in mind the subtle differences in stat preference between the two specs; like int and haste are good for both, and while for ele crit is a low priority, it is a strong resto stat. As far as Spirit goes, my feeling is that it's better to be over hit capped as ele than it is to be constantly going OoM as resto.

World of Warcraft subscriber numbers dip 100,000 to 10.2 million {WoW}

Feb 9th 2012 5:06PM The reason behind lower subs isn't rocket surgery, the economy has been in the crapper for at least 3yrs. While WoW is "cheap" entertainment, $180/yr is now maybe something people can't or are unwilling to afford anymore. People have been losing their jobs, homes, and savings. I think Blizz should be, and probably is, very happy that they still have over 10mil accounts active.

Retribution bug hotfixed, Vengeance temporarily returns to PvP {WoW}

Feb 2nd 2012 4:44PM That's the life of ret pallies, every so often after a patch they get 1 day of fun, then it's back "to the ground".

The Queue: No cats, but still furry feet {WoW}

Dec 29th 2011 3:36PM Maybe that's what was going on in my LFR group last night. The drakes seemed to take forever, maybe we got a second wave. The few guildies and I that were doing the run were talking in vent about retardedly long it was taking.

Big stakes and the end of an expansion {WoW}

Dec 28th 2011 4:45PM I'd have to agree with sh0w in so far as the final fight was rather lacking. I think there is something missing. I think they could have fixed it by having the spine fight be phase 1 of the DW encounter. with a transition of after his armor is off, he tries to shake us off and we have to grab onto something to stay on while he lands, kinda like the rope swing in the new deadmines. Phase 2 should have been the raid fighting DW in a more traditional "we're killing internet dragons" type of deal, with him on the ground being tanked and spanked. obviously they could have all kinds of things in the fight to make it interesting and distinguishable from all the other WoW dragon boss fights we've seen so far. I would envision it including Thrall fighting with us similar to the new 5man, and he's keeping us all from being 1-shot by DW. Second transition could be DW takes off flying and we have to chase him down on the riding of various drakes, and then Thrall can shoot him down with his golden M&M laser. THEN we do the whole claws and tenticals as a phase 3. At least those are just my thoughts on how the fight could have been more interesting, and epic feeling.

Gold Capped: This is the wrong way to do epic gems {WoW}

Dec 9th 2011 5:33PM I wouldn't mind if they gave eng some way to make epic gems. I was just really disappointed that they didn't make it so JCs could get them from prisms like we could back in Wrath. There really is not much of a reason to make prisms anymore. I do think that having it be a 10% (or maybe even 5%) chance to be in a prism or have a longish CD alchemy transmute to get an epic gem would flood the market all that much. The reason it was So easy to fully epic gem in Wrath was because you could buy them for badges/honor, in addition to the JC and Alchemy CDs. Since they don't have the option for badges/points/honor purchase, epic gems will still be rare, just not the near ridiculously rare state they are now.

The Queue: Hogwarts this ain't {WoW}

Dec 8th 2011 11:20AM No, Deathwing torched the park for health, safty, and economic reasons since all those dirty, mooching hippy druids had been occupying the space for far too long.