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Forum post of the day: Broken records incoming {WoW}

Aug 12th 2008 7:16AM Well first off who cares about this. Its a game we play for FUN. Half of you are far to serious its hard to find any fun playing WoW. We all know leveling from 1-59 is just so boring so think about 1-80 thats why blizzard is doing this so people are ready to buy the new xpac when it comes out. Oh and since when did it take skill to play any part of WoW? All it takes is time. Anyone can learn a class from 59-70 and a new 70 is not even ready to raid. Blizzard are maybe in a panic because they will have some competition from Warhammer which they have never really had before IMO warhammer looks ugly but WoW will lose a few people to it.
We need to remember Blizzard are a business and WoW is just a game therefore its all about profit and fun. This is a great idea from Blizzard it will attract more people to play WoW and be ready to buy the new xpac when it comes out which also means that WoTLK has a great chance of hitting the top spot for PC Gaming. And I just think most of you are pissy because it is maintenance Tuesday and you have nothing better to do now you can't log on WoW and spam up the trade channel with application forms for real life jobs oops I mean for guild recruitment.

I play WoW to relax I don't care if I die in game spend too much gold on repairs or enter a raid and wipe 100 times infact sometimes its more fun. We all love Leeroy Jenkins for it.

Bring the fun back to WoW and keep the seriousness to real life events! And take a nap !!!