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Ask WoW Insider: Do you tip your tank? {WoW}

Aug 12th 2008 2:09PM In the question of whether to tip the tank or not, generally I don't expect it. But I do wince every time I have a 20 to 30 gold repair bill and that is on top of the money I spend for reagents to give everyone choice blessings, etc. Obviously I'm a paladin tank and my guild insisted I make one because we were desperately short on tanks. In fact, from what I read, there is a general Wow shortage. It means learning a new class and character from scratch and tanking is far different from dps...makes dps seem like a lazy walk in the park...(since my main is dps).

What peeves me is the lack of gratitude. I mostly get yelled at to go faster. Pull faster when I'm trying to get mana back. And advised to do things by people who've never tanked in a critical way. Plus the blame I receive if something goes wrong. If a dps causes too much threat and I lose aggro and I have to switch targets and taunt and it takes a bit to generate threat and then the dps dies in the interim. Or well, the other day the healer and warlock feared a couple mob I did have aggro on directly into another mob causing a wipe and a druid who really wanted to complete with aggro with me and usurp my position searched for a rogue but found it right next to another mob that we weren't prepared for and we wiped again.

And then I get told I need better gear but not really anyone is willing to help with dailies, etc...and prot spec's don't do a lot of damage. We're not meant to. They expect you to run into heroics and then well, if the healer is not on the ball, you can die quickly. I was expected to tank heroics in less then a week after turning 70. Talk about stress.

So please have respect for your tanks. There are not many of us and it is rather thankless and we do get blamed a lot for things. It's easy to be a dps and sit back and judge but if you've never tanked before, well, don't want to hear it.