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No PvE servers are under populated {WoW}

Jan 9th 2009 2:59PM The point of a PvE server is to let ppl enjoy pve. Until blizz introduces more PvP like mechanics to their mobs, it is a severe disadvantage to all the players who are pve geared/spec'd if theres a rogue camping there with full pvp gear.

I am not going to take resilience gear with me to a raid or an instance but I do more of that than PvP so i dont want to respec everytime I leave the homeland

As to the whole RP comment. PvP had never been a central part of it. Most of the roplaying is about solving challenges together, not ganking innocent bystanders. Also I do not see any reason why horde and alliance chars cannot pass each other without engaging in combat. there's still a truce between the two and an attack in non sanctioned areas is technically a break of that treaty.

What blizz did for those who like PvP on PvE servers is that they have more PvP oriented goals, not senseless killing (or at least they have an explanation)

Breakfast Topic: Should the girlfriend play WoW? {WoW}

Jan 8th 2009 1:37PM I guess not necessarily cause WoW is full of pop culture reference and other items which attract casual players. But thats what did it for her (Harry potter fan = gnome mage :) )

Breakfast Topic: Should the girlfriend play WoW? {WoW}

Jan 8th 2009 12:14PM Probably all this is mentioned but before asking your g/f to play wow consider a few things:

-Does she like video games
-Does she like fantasy
-Does she have enough concentration to sit through a dungeon or raid

When I started playing wow she felt sort of neglected sometimes but she really enjoyed the artwork and watching me play so that's how she started.

She really likes fantasy but has not played many video games, especially fantasy and rpg games (and has definitely never played D&D/ D&D Clones). So the learning curve was pretty slow but here is the upsides and downsides:

-G/fs are pretty dependable raid members as they are going to be playing whenever you are
-You spend quality time with your girlfriend and buying that epic flight mount is still cheaper that taking her out.
-When youre talking to your friends about WoW she knows whats going on
-She appreciates comments like: you would look pretty cute with some pointy elf ears.
-When youre at her place you can still play WoW
-She will stand in line with you for the midnight Xpansion releases and then stay up the whole night questing with you in HF (instead of nagging about when youre coming to bed)

-Prepare to spend a lot of Gold (buffs, mats, gear, mounts etc)
-If you're both online that means you have to play with her (so you have to make sure theres room for her in your instance run or that you're questing in the same area
-Frustration, if shes not an experienced video gamer some things will come very slow (mouse turning, position, spell rotation etc)
-If youre doing Arena you have to be in the same team (instead of trying to push for 2000 rating).
-If you break up who's the one to leave the guild/xfer servers etc.

Now this is not necessary true, just what I found with my g/f. Overall though if shes willing then get her to join. You will probably see your relationship improve after (unless WoW is something you do to have your own time)

Teen arrested for making suicide threat to a GM {WoW}

Jan 7th 2009 12:17PM I really hope that we live in the same area cause the exact same thing happened where I live.

Problem is that a lot of parents are so behind in the technology that they cannot control what their kids do. Back in the day before video games it was the same. A kid is grounded he/she is pissed off and think are treated unfair and run away. Except that to non tech savvy parents a bedroom and window locks are a lot easier than setting parental guards.

What they need is to educate the parents on how to control how much they kids play and what they can do. Blizz has some of this already installed, but maybe the ability to open a ticket should be reserved only to the credit card holder not the kid him/her self

The GM though acting completely correctly. He called 911 which is what any of you should do if you think someone is suicidal but cannot help him/her get help yourself or through a friend/relative. Was it the right decision of the 911 operator to send a police unit to arrest the kid maybe/maybe not but I doubt it was the decision of the GM.

But if a person is suicidal they need immediate professional intervention. If the kid is threatening suicide but is not suicide it is misdemeanor. If he was suicidal he would not have been put in a jail. He would have been put under mental care professionals. My guess is is that this is probably not the first time the cops have been to that house and also where do you think he learned to get things by threats? No not from Marylin Manson or Eminem but they are such a nice scapegoat.

Fixing instance server errors {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 12:33PM I am in a high pop server (on sunday night I had to wait 30+mins to get in) but I never had this problem. But I dont care about this if they solve the lag problems in dalaran. Honestly unless you have a top notch pc there is no way it runs smoothly. Instance out some of the things to reduce lag.

Officers' Quarters: The new loot drama {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 12:21PM mp5 is a healing buff. An item like this before 3.0.0 would have been +healing item. While I am not 100% familiar with casting classes pretty much and dps caster should not have to worry about mp5. So if a healer in your group needs the item he/she should get priority. And you need to look for gear with +hit/+haste/+crit not mp5. Holy Paladins are better off with crit than mp5 as mana should not be an issue as long as you have a pretty big mana pool.

Having said that, if no healers need it but spell dpser will get an upgrade from this then they should get it.

Same for melee gear, there are slight variations to stats which are better for some or for others. E.g. ret pallys scale the best from str and crit items with these two maxed out are the best and should go to them. While dks might be looking at gear with +stam and +ap.

Officers' Quarters: The new loot drama {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 12:05PM We use a very simple system which keeps everyone happy;

Each char has:
Main Spec - your raiding specc (e.g. I raid as holy pally)
Current Spec - current build (e.g. Right now im ret)

Priority order:
1. Main spec and right class (e.g plate for pally)
2. Current Spec and right class
3. Main spec wrong class (mail for pally)
4. Current Spec and wrong class
5. Off specc (e.g. for me that would be prot if i am ret right now)
6. DE
7. Autosell

Always have a loot master to avoid problems.

Our priority is to gear up for raids to gear for raiding is given first. But since were a small guild cross speccing is important. As a pally I keep 3 sets of gear so that I can tank or heal or dps depending on what we need for that dungeon.

Like it was said the biggest problem is probaly people who do not know what they need. For example a healer should never be rolling on gear with +hit, even if the sp is bigger you lose out overall on gear the same level (the +hit could be haste or crit or more intell which would be much better). So explaining why they cannot get loot is a good idea, dont just assume the person is being a loot hog, maybe they just dont know why they dont need that item.

Poll: Should 40-mans make a come back? {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 11:31AM I started playing WoW less than a year ago and so I did not get to run anything besides kara. I am in a small guild of friends irl and we concentrate on building up skill and getting everyone to the same point. So even 25 man raids are out of reach for us atm. But why should I get penilized for not having enough ppl. So 40 man raids are even worse. What blizz needs to do is come up with more challenging and complex encounters. So that even 10 man raids become difficult for ppl without the right gear and who are not skilled enough. In wrath there is only a few encounters that really require skill and the only thing that poses a challenge is the special achievements (and only some) from heroics.

So instead of making 40 man raids we need more challenging content. Why should blizzard scale, balance, and test 40 man versions of a raid when the 10 and 25 mans are easy as all hell when only 10% of the player base can even reach it. If you have hard encounters than any 10 ppl can have a go at it and only the really skilled ones will finish them.

The Queue: Proto-drakes, Brilliant Glass, and more {WoW}

Dec 2nd 2008 2:02PM I can see how 2 hours can be possible but overall I would say you got really unlucky with youre PuGs. I do usually run with my friends but it is not a constant composition (not the same 5 ppl each time) and also many have 70+ alts so each run could be very different. I only have 1 main at 70+ (80 actually) but hes a pally so I often switch roles. But whether a new instance or not I do not think Ive ever done one that lasted over 1 hour. IMO the quickest is violet hold. But i can see, how if you wipe often it could take forever.

The real key is skill, while team organization is important, knowing how to play your class/build and how other classes play is key.

If you see someone who is in pretty much all greens, chances are they dont know how to run instances (otherwise they would be nearly all blue) and have no raiding experience - hence keep an eye on them or just dont group with them.

WotLK breaks internal records at EB Games {WoW}

Nov 30th 2008 3:06PM I really liked the art in Wrath and I like many areas (though I really disliked some of the quest lines) but I often felt cheated out of content. Getting the key for violet hold was the start. I felt cheated of a quest line for the key which would explain more about the hold. Similarly now I am finding the same for heroics and level 80 dungeons. Theres no longer a progression where you had to gear up from regular 70 dungeons then move to start doing the easy heroics, which by now you should have the key for. And then start raiding. Now as long as I have a team geared enough I might completely skip some regular versions of dungeons. Why bother with regular when I can just get better gear and badges from a heroic.

I am in a small, very casual guild (1 raiding night/day) but we all know how to play together so we progress fairly quick. So my hope is that Naxx is easy and an 'introduction' to raiding (as it was in TBC, when it was 60-70) and when the next multi-boss raids are patched in they will be more difficult leading to only the best players with the right gear to be able to complete the raid.