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The Colosseum: Reflex, Vengeful Gladiator {WoW}

Aug 14th 2008 5:38AM I felt compelled to pop in and clarify some of the gross misrepresentations Reflex made of Hoodrych and I (the Shaman/War he alluded to in his article). Neither of us have ever respecced just for the sake of gaining a trivial advantage vs Druid/Rogue. As for the references to PvE gear, I wore about two extra pieces than normal, placing me at around 370 resilience. Conversely, Reflex was decked out in 4+ pieces of T6, a Warglaive, and Vorrent sported at least two pieces of T6.

As for the actual games, Reflex/Vorrent aren't particularly good. I'm not being pompous, just blatantly honest. I've fought Druid/Rogues that were infinitely better than them on BG9 at the 2100 level (e.g.: Saris/Happyminty). The primary reason why we were able to do so well versus them for the first 20 games was simply because I could heal drink in front of Reflex all game long, literally right next to him some times, while he tunnel visioned on Hoodrych. It was not until Hoodrych, wanting to have more competitive matches, pointed out to Reflex the fact that Rogues have an ability called "Throw Weapon" that Reflex even began using it to prevent me from heal drinking, and even then, very sparingly.

I'm normally not this critical of a player, but after witnessing how arrogant Reflex is, and unjustifiably so, given his mediocrity, I had little choice.