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Mike Morhaime apologizes, offers 3000 more BlizzCon tickets {WoW}

Aug 14th 2008 5:56AM First, let me say /agree with pretty much everyone above.

Second, I think that if Blizzard worked with sites such as ebay to catch the scalpers, there could potentially be an additional 1000 tickets made available from confiscation. But, that's on Blizzard's shoulders to address, and I don't expect it to be an easy thing to do.

Third, in reference to the idea of a larger venue for next year, I doubt Blizzard will move the con outside of their "home turf", if you will, of southern California. And I don't know of an indoor venue much bigger than Anaheim CC at that kind of price. The LACC is almost certainly more expensive by a large degree. What Blizz might consider is using LA Live or somewhere similar, which mean they could potentially expand to meet demand; rent Nokia Theatre LA Live, Staples Center, and even expand into portions of LACC as they need. This would give them significantly more flexibility in attendance, IMO.