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Breakfast Topic: The Moment {WoW}

Sep 16th 2009 11:54AM Forgot one more thing, back in vanilla my account got hacked and ALL of my gear was stolen, they unlearned my 300 alch (i've never had a maxed out prof since). Unfortunately I still had a raid to go to, about 12 people in the raid all brought me greens to wear, so that night I can say I killed nef in all greens, (just shows how 40 mans could carry people lol) luckily I had my account restored but alas they wouldnt restore my alchemy.

Breakfast Topic: The Moment {WoW}

Sep 16th 2009 11:48AM Every single one of my most memorable and favorite moments happened in vanilla.

1.) killing hakkar for the first time. WWWWAAAAYYYY back when I first started raiding and my guild was literally in all blues, we had been working on progressing through ZG for about a month, I was at my friends house at about 3 am having a lan party of course, everyone there who wasnt in the raid had already passed out so it was just me and my friend paul who were up. As soon as we killed him I remember both of us running through the house screaming...
2.) In vanilla when about 4 of us spent 8 HOURS running around the world trying to get into places that your not supposed to be, here is where we went:
2a.) Hyjal, yes you could get into hyjal in vanilla not sure if its possible now but back then it took a good 20 minutes of jumping in exactly the right places as you slowly made your way up high enough to be able to jump over the invisible wall.
2b.) Non-instanced Zul'Gurub, by climbing up the mountains in duskwood you can get into a weird not completely finished version of ZG.
2c.) Caverns of time, you can get into this weird space/flying colors place by climbing up the backside of the mountains behind COT, in the most difficult jumping part we had about a 2 hour battle over the right to climb up to the top with 3 troll shamans.
2d.) Redridge, if you can get over the mountains north of redridge i think? its just a flat plain of red, orange and black plaid.... kinda weird.
3.)My third favorite moment was when (with the same raiding guild still in vanilla) we were in MC trying to pull baron geden, the hunter who was pulling him was basically hated by everyone in the guild except the guild leader, so whenever he'd come around the corner my friend would throw a snowball knocking him over, at which point BG would kill him and then reset, he did this about 3 times and the guy was screaming in vent while the rest of the guild was laughing there asses off.
3b.) another funny thing with snowballs, me and my two friends while still leveling were trying to get to duskwallow, my and one friend were already on the boat and were spamming snow balls at the last guy (paul again). So he'd take two steps, fall over, take two steps, fall over, etc. we made him miss the boat, lol, of course then we had to wait for him on the other side.
4.) My final favorite moment was when my guild was doing the sithilis outdoor bosses. we came across a tauren warrior and decided instead of raiding we'd just repetitively MC him (No diminishing returns back then!), and see what we could make him do. I believe it culminated in sending him through a portal to IF.

remember when epics were actually a status symbol?, and when you saw someone walking around in all epics it was like "whoa that guys good, I want to be like him"

Caption This! {WoW}

Aug 14th 2008 2:01PM Blood Elf says "So...... you come here often?"