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The Light and How to Swing It: Dissecting the melee healer myth {WoW}

Oct 31st 2011 10:23AM There is a larger point here. If Monks DPS and Heal, or DPS to heal, they are still doing one thing that most other healers don't generally do during encounters - DPS. Priests can Smite heal somewhat (as seen on Heroic Halfus, although when H Halfus was cutting edge - prior to outgearing it and the massive nerf - the Smite healer was usually an SPriest with a Smite heal offspec that provided damage and healing rather than a full-time Smite healer in my experience) and Resto Druids and Shaman have talents allowing them to cast cheap DPS spells sort of as an afterthought, but no other healing class actually does DPS as a part of it's healing.

What does this mean? To me it seems very clear - there is the potential for Monk healers to become the required healers of progression content in MoP. Each healer brings something unique to the game besides simply thier ability to heal. Druids can rebirth (and AOE heal like almost no other class), Shaman have unique Totems and heroism (although this is shared with Mages and the occasional BM Hunter), Priests provide some of the most potent damage reduction CD's in the game both for Tanks and Groups/Raids, and Paladin's have Hand spells. But what do none of them bring - DPS as a major contributing part of thier healing.

If monks bring DPS, and it doesn't even have to be meaningful as we might think of it in relation to other DPS Classes (who might average something like 27k+ on heroic Firelands fights) but meaning full in that it could be half or even 1/3 of the dps of a normal DPS class, then they are far more valuable to a progression raider than most other healers would be. Progression often requires healers be replaced by DPS to meet enrage timers (assuming that a raid group understands and adheres to a fight's mechanics and doesn't wipe to "standing in the fire/void zone/poison cloud/disappearing ledge) or that dps switch to a heal spec that allows dps (as was the case with smite healing on Halfus).

And I would stop and give my definition of progression, because that doesn't mean only Cutting edge Heroic Raids in my judgement. Progression is in the eye of the beholder and differs greatly. Progression could be cutting edge heroic encounters, but most likely it means the "tough" boss or bosses in a raid tier whether on regular or heroic. Progression to a raider is downing whatever boss his or her raid is consistenly either unable to kill or has an incredibly difficult time killing. It's just as likely to be regular Baleroc, as it is to be Heroic Ragnaros.

Now back to my point. If a Monk healer brings 1/2 to 1/3 of the DPS of a "normal" dps class as a regular part of his/her healing and still does competitive healing (which right now we can only assume 'will' be the case as we haven't been given any indication that Monks will be support healers like Vanilla Holy Pallys and Resto druids were) then Monks will be the most desired healers and will likely take raid spots from other "non-dps" healers.

I don't expect every healer will be a monk (unless they are incredibly OP, which would likely only last as long as it takes to "patch away" thier OPness) because some fights will have mechanics necessitating other healers, such as Druids for AOE or Shaman for a Fear Break, but given what we currently know it is not a stretch to think Monk Healers will be the healer of choice for progression.

Shifting Perspectives: On the matter of Moonkin Form {WoW}

Aug 29th 2011 11:33AM The easiest option if they are going to keep the form is to bake the damage bonus into the spec when you choose balance, just like ret pallies get a two handed weapon damage bonus or healers get "more healing" from thier spells, then make moonkin form a damage cooldown. have it give a haste buff of some kind for a 15 or 20 second duration every three or five minutes and be done with it.

Countdown to Cataclysm: Why go goblin? {WoW}

Dec 3rd 2010 5:11PM It isn't actually a haste increase in the sense that it will increase your energy regeneration or lower the global cooldown. It only reduces casting speed and swing speed while attacking. In this way it is somewhat similar to the Berserking Troll Racial, only Goblins get a permanent form of it.

So yes, it will make you attack or cast faster but will not give the the secondary benefits of haste, i.e energy, rage, or rune regeneration, nor will it lower the GCD.

Still, its a really sweet bonus.

Blood Sport: Season 9 arena gameplay predictions {WoW}

Dec 1st 2010 2:19PM I'm going to suggest something else as a major contributing factor to the drop off from S4 in BC to S5 in Wrath. As PVP progressed in BC it was easy to obtain a full set of S2 gear which was fairly powerful even in a raiding evironment (despite a complete lack of hit rating in the case of dpsers) and resilience constituted a much smaller portion of each piece's "item budget." S4's "welfare epics" allowed people to play thier 10 games a week and bg for a complete set of S2 gear, including pvp weapons which were hugely popular even in the first two tiers of BC raiding, as well as a smattering of S3 gear purchased with arena points with complete disregard to rating requirements. I can't tell you how many 5v5 teams I re-puchased on my druid so i could start with a new 1500 rating each week for more points back then.

At the heart of any MMO is a need or desire to increase your character's power and in WOW it's all about the gear. PVP in S4 gave people access to good gear, not decent or ok for starter heroic gear, but actual good, nearly raid quality gear. People saw very quickly that S5 gave you access to savage glad "blue" junk, and deadly glad gear that nearly worthless when compared to the gear from badge vendors and the very accessible Nax 10/25, and Sarth 10/25 (no drake versions of course) raids.

In the end almost all our decisions come down to gear, for super high end arena players and hardcore raiders it's the achievement or accomplishment of a goal of some sort, but for the average person playing at endgame level (80 at the time of S5) it comes down to gear, and the gear from PVPing just wasn't worth the time in S5 (or for most of Wrath for that matter).

Cataclysm: Justice point conversion revised {WoW}

Sep 29th 2010 2:01PM @Netherscourge: Your math is more than a little off. Under the old conversion you would have needed 1450+ badges to reach the softcap on Justice Points of 4000. As Items in Cata now average about 1900 justice points (items range from 1600 to 2200 points, excepting neckpieces and libram/relic items which are lower) you would have needed 700+ badges for one item, nowhere near the numbers you need currently (95 frost badges for the most expensive 251ilvl T10 gear). Under the new conversion it only takes, as the article states about 345 badges to reach the soft cap of 4000 points and provided the justice point values for items do not change in cata you can get an item for just over 150 badges on average. Still higher than the current items but significantly lower than the 700+ it required previously.

Depending what you want to get in Cata you could stockpile enough badges now to get 2 or 3 items and hopefully stockpile the badges without wanting to shoot yourself. Under the old rate it would have taken a person well in excess of 250 full dungeon clears (assuming a minimum of 5 badges per clear) to hit the soft cap. At the new rates it would take potentially 65 or less full dungeon clears to reach the soft cap on badges - a number that I'm going to guess people will find much more doable.

Of course, given the drastic increase in the point coversion and the "relative" ease in which a person could hit the soft-cap, Blizzard could even change the conversion rate again if they believe too many people are grinding badges.

Breakfast Topic: Earning your stripes {WoW}

Aug 9th 2010 9:28AM Players haven't been able to transfer to new realms and get the Scarab Lord title for some time now. All new realms have the AQ gates already opened so there will be no more Scarab Lords. And getting the title of Scarab Lord didn't just require the dedication of the guild, it required the dedication of the ENTIRE SERVER to collect boatloads of materials of all levels.

The Light and How to Swing It: Holy Powah! {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2010 10:46AM They've taken the worst parts of the complex feral rotation - never letting Savage Roar fall off or your damage goes in the toilet, and Enhancement's Maelstrom weapon buildup and have shoved them into the Ret rotation in the way of a 30% holy power buff that must be maintained and holy power that must be "unleased" at three stacks, only for the sake of making the rotation more complicated and nothing else. The blues have admitted as much, they've complicated the rotation simply to complicate it.

I await the new Facemauler/ShockandAwe/CLCRet/Power Auras addon that will tell Rets how to play their class now that it is exceedingly complicated. The funny thing is that Blizz has said they don't want to force classes into the use of addons to in order to do moderately competitive DPS and yet they make these changes forcing another class into the use of "suggester mod" in order to stay competitive.

I remember playing my balance druid in nax and uld when eclipse had an internal "hidden" 45 second cooldown between procs that made it mandatory to run Squawk and Awe, or a similar tracking/suggester mod just to have a shot at doing decent damage.

Raid Leaders in the History of WOW:

Vanilla (years 1 and 2): "Oh, you're specced as Retribution? Get out of my sight and go spec Holy immediately you noob!"

BC (years 3 and 4): "Oh, you're specced as Retribution? Get out of my sight and go spec Holy immediately you noob! Wait, we're raiding Hyjal tonight - Go spec Prot, but still get out of my sight immediately!"

Patch 3.0.2 (one glorious month): "Oh, you're specced Holy like I told you too, get out of my sight and go spec Ret immediately, we need your insane damage to down post-nerf Killy 'J tonight.

Wrath: 3.1 and beyond (years 5+, after ret paladins are smashed in the face with a nerf sledgehammer for having one month of fun in the last 48): Oh, you're specced as Retribution? You can come to this raid on a trial basis because I think you're a facerolling noob. On second thought, get out of my sight IMMEDIATELY!