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Poll: Should 40-mans make a come back? {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 12:44PM Over 70% of my server participated in 40 man content and saw the early 40 man raids. Simple math completely dispells the notion that a tiny fraction of the server population were raiders. The large majority of players raided.

A dozen hardcore guilds, each fielding 40 man raids (at least 80 members each), 20-30 almost-hardcore guilds fielding 40 man raids and another 20-30 guilds at any given time either fielding 40 man raids or working together with other guilds, does not equal '1% of the players who get to see endgame content'...

The numbers say otherwise. Our server population was 3,000 - 3,500 Alliance during that time (as identified on wow census websites..and not just one). Add up all those raiders and thats a healthy chunk of that 3,000 population.


These numbers are definitely just made up ones, and it's quite easy to prove it. Let's replace 20-30 with 25 and do the maths. According to you there were 62 guilds of 80 players each doing 40 man raids. Your server population was 3500 at most.

62*80 = 4960

Skill Mastery: Zombie Explosion! {WoW}

Oct 26th 2008 3:04PM The infection time has just been reduced to 1 minute on the EU servers. Without any warning at all the server went down, and when it came back up the infection time had been reduced.

Silicon Knights developer says EVE is better than WoW {Massively}

Aug 28th 2008 5:54AM Oh no, not another "EvE is for smart people, WoW is for dummies" comment. The fact is that EvE is a very easy game if you want it to be. Just stay in hi-sec and do missioning and mining. Very easy. Sure it can be hard if you want it to be and set yourself ambitious goals, but then so can WoW. After all, how many WoW players have managed to kill the last boss of Sunwell Plateau? Almost none, it's not an easy game at the highest level.

From my brief experience of playing EvE, I believe that the real reason it remains a niche MMO is not that it is too hard, but that it is full of bugs, has horrible lag problems, and a lousy UI. If CCP would devote some time and effort to dealing with these issues I think they would double their subscriptions at least. After all, suppose you were on a trial account, innocently went to Jita, unaware of its reputation, and got kicked out of the game for 30 minutes due to lag, would you consider paying a monthly fee to continue with that kind of experience? Well I know I didn't.

What draws players to EVE while keeping others away? {Massively}

Aug 18th 2008 10:32AM Well I often hear it said that people don't like EvE because it is too difficult and has too harsh a death penalty. As someone who tried the trial, in January of this year, and decided not to continue, I can say that these were not things that put me off. I did not find the game difficult to play, as there are extensive tutorials which tell you everything you need to know to get started. True, it takes some time to go through them all, but after two days I was perfectly comfortable with playing the game. Also, the importance of the harsh death penalty seems to often be exaggerated to me; if you are risk averse and take a few simple precautions then you won't get killed, at least I didn't get killed once during the trial period so this certainly wasn't an offputting factor for me.

What did put me off, however, was a combination of lag, bugs, a poor UI, and badly designed game play elements.

Concerning lag, well I visited Jita once. I was unaware of its reputation at the time, and was a bit shocked to discover that the game froze, and when I tried restarting it it took 30 minutes to get back in. This made a terrible first impression. I know Jita is the worst place for lag, but even so I frequently encountered lag of several seconds elsewhere in the Eve universe.

Bugs were also a problem; for example the map often failed, showing only a blank screeen, and the only way to correct this was to relog. There were a few other minor problems, and although none of these were game-breaking, the overall impression made was one of poor quality control.

The UI was poor, often requiring several steps to be made which could be accomplished in just one step in a well designed UI. Very simple and obvious things, such as being able to target all weapons on one target, were simply not implemented. I had a ship with 6 weapons, I think, and having to individually target each one got pretty tiresome.

An example of poor game design was, for me, the missioning system. In Eve there are agents who give out missions. Completing a mission increases your standing with them, however failing a mission causes you to lose standing. Now, I would have no problem the losing of standing part if the game gave some indication of how hard the mission is, then I could make an informed decision about whether to take the risk of losing standing. Unfortunately you have no way of knowing except by accepting and trying the mission. There is a quality rating assigned to each mission, with higher quality missions giving better rewards, but it seemed to have almost no correlation with the difficulty of the mission. It was just a lottery whether you gained or lost standing, which was pretty irritating.

In summary, I signed up for a trial of a five year old game and felt like I was in a beta test.

Having said that, there were things I liked about the game, and I will probably give it another go one day if CCP raises the quality (with regard to lag, bugs and the UI) to acceptable levels.