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Death Knight tanking undergoing tweaks {WoW}

Aug 18th 2008 12:58PM Okay, this is just a note for all you druids, paladins, warriors. i've got a druid and a pally tanks ( might i say there awsome ) and i've tanked almost every raid. The DK class will have advantage that if you go all into a single spec you can tank 5 mans and also ( with a gear switch ) DPS as well. however if a DK decided to tank a raid it would have to go into a specific spec which covers 3 tree's and only grabs the tanking talents. and even then they are probably going to a little bit weaker. because you've got a single spec with all tank talents and DK's have to miss tanking talents because there are not enough points to get that far in each tree. I know this is confusing, but the strongest tank spec for DK's is to grab bone armor, parry chance talent thing, and dread-plate. which means DK's will be sort of like paladin's in that they can self heal a bit but take alot of damage. sort of like druids because they will have higher armor but not be able to block ( so avoidance cant happen), and sort of like warriors with magic reflection and absorption, but not quite as good. The DK sounds like the hardest balance and gearing properly sounds difficult but i agree that Blizzard might wanna take a second look and make sure they don't knock other tanks out of the water.