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Dec 22nd 2009 10:28AM /roll

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Dec 12th 2009 5:06PM New poll required on
Should frozen orbs be need or greed?

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Nov 17th 2009 9:35PM Well said. I doubt that people complaining about WoW being too easy now have ever beat ToGC or received a tribute chest. They're also not pugs, because pugs fail on regular ToC 25 all the time - something inconceivable to a hardcore guild, who clears it up in 20-30 minutes.

The people who complain about WoW being too easy are just people who are either super super hardcore and want another Kil'Jaeden - a fight so hard that only a handful of guilds could have ever beaten it - or players whose guilds have never even attempted anything challenging. These guilds will run ToC, calling it a faceroll, but never attempt ToGC. The first group makes up like .1% of wow's population, and the second should be ignored.