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Mass bannings strike Glider users {WoW}

Aug 21st 2008 7:38AM @99 amasing so much you know of the botting process xD

well anyhows, ive never been bothered by a bot b4 Oo, actually i find it rather fun to nuke em as they go about their way, and bots are on BOTH sides of the bg so i just think of it as a random handicap, so no real dice there..

and one thing all the folks out there bitching about not being able to get money for epic mount?
...learn how ah works and get skinning :D best money making proffesion ever %/&/ primals, on my serv i can sell 20 knothide leather for 20g's and some pre bc skins go for the same price... lol

all in all if u know how to play, bots never bother u really..... so stop blaming others for u suxing.

on the count of botters getting the boot?
well they obiusly deserve it, it IS against the rules, and there's no justification for breaking them, but on the other side, the justification for NOT botting are at best pretty vague

and who can blame folks for wanting to experience the intire game even when they dont have time?

ps. all u folks cursing and swearing at bots... stop swearing start aguementing, anything else is moronic