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Rumor: MW2 recalled in Russia due to 'No Russian' scene [update] {Joystiq}

Nov 16th 2009 3:13PM able to mow down innocent citizens is a lot different than being presented with a mission required to mow down innocent citizens (though in the airport scene in mw2, you never really have to kill anyone. at first i thought he'd be suspicious and question loyalty, but the ending of the scene did make some sense as to why he never really bothered about it).

then again, super columbine massacre rpg wasn't completely banned. though if it turned into a published game that can be bought, it might be seen in a different light.

sure, it's just a bunch of pixels and 3d models being battered with bullets... you can't expect everyone to think that way.

Modern Warfare 2 breaks record with 4.7 million in day-one sales {Joystiq}

Nov 12th 2009 9:59AM modern warfare 7 is probably going to be the best selling of the series, though i'll have to say that i'll personally like modern warfare 6 the best. 7 will be great but it'll have too much angst.

Activision: Guitar Hero beat Beatles because it's 'fun as hell' {Joystiq}

Oct 7th 2009 9:59PM well... i bought both and to be honest, i did end up playing gh5 more than the beatles:rb.

if anything, i felt gh5 was loads better than gh:wt.

gh3 though is still my favorite gh game.

can't wait for lego rock band.

Activision files trademark for Call of Duty film adaptation {Joystiq}

Oct 6th 2009 12:16PM just take an upcoming AAA war movie and pay them to change the title to Call of Duty. Done... unless they want to take one of the modern warfare storylines of course, which would be interesting.

Final Fantasy XIII TGS trailer -- this time dubbed in English {Joystiq}

Oct 2nd 2009 12:13PM if she did, i'd have to say that it's the worst trailer anyone could've created... then again, since it's rare they'll throw out something like this in a trailer, one could assume that she doesn't die (which is almost as bad as a spoiler).

it's like making an ff7 trailer and showing aerith's death.

other than that, the game doesn't make the wait for me any better. i've got vacation days lined up for this!

David Bowie, Styx, Yellowcard & others join Band Hero {Joystiq}

Oct 1st 2009 12:07PM this game has an interesting set list. i can't wait for it... however, this seriously could've been packed in a DLC pack. but i guess it's a different market so they'll try to maximize their profits.

Sony America abandons UMD-to-PSP Go "good will" program, offers 225 games at full retail price instead {Engadget}

Sep 28th 2009 9:23AM if it were a PSP2, then i don't think it'd cause as much as an uproar as it does now.

imagine if you had the Game Boy (original) and then you had the Game Boy Pocket (which is flash based and doesn't use any cartridges). it would be somewhat similar to what Sony is doing now. the PSPGo seems to be just another iteration of the PSP platform.

so basically sony is offering one portable in two different formats (w/ UMD and w/o UMD) except they did it by releasing one, building a consumer base, and now releasing the other.

PSP Go review {Engadget}

Sep 28th 2009 9:13AM a shame that it completely locks out current owners of the PSP. it's one thing to create a new system and not allow backwards compatibility, but the PSPGo is just too similar to the old PSP.

it'd be somewhat like having a cartridge-less game boy pocket (effectively having your game boy games useless).

it is nice that they did go the download/flash media route.

TGS 2009: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker's epic 10-minute trailer {Joystiq}

Sep 24th 2009 11:23PM damnit, i really wished it was on the console... any console. this looks too epic.

oh well, can't wait for this. if it's in download format, it'll still play on the older psps right?

TGS 2009: Final Fantasy XIV trailer is chock-full of friendship {Joystiq}

Sep 24th 2009 9:23AM i wished i was hooked onto an mmo right now. it'd be a lot cheaper than the 3-4 games i buy per month.