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Encrypted Text: Combat in Wrath {WoW}

Aug 21st 2008 6:18PM I also want to add, combat is going to be hurting from itemization in WoTLK.

They're trying to make most of the non-set items work for multiple classes, druids and rogues will pretty much eat from the same table.

Druids always use enough hit rating to qualify at half as much as what a rogue uses, as a result for a good portion of leveling and even at 80 rogues will be starved for stats which are useless to druids, while druids will be slightly hurt as well, it isn't as bad.

(It isn't as bad because they have innate percentage increases from stats when shape shifting, which means items "custom-fit" themselves to their class better.)

So for a lot of us who grew up on "Hit rating, weapon skill, expertise!" mumbo jumbo, we're going to be a little confused and slightly neglected.

Encrypted Text: Combat in Wrath {WoW}

Aug 21st 2008 6:14PM Think of it like this,

Murder-spree plus bladeflury would hurt like a mother for AoE pulls, and from what I've heard blizzard intends to move away from CC fests in raids and allow more to be tanked and pet tanked.

So 5 hits with both weapons, pratically 10 hits bounced out for 20 hits, plus what bladeflury and adrenaline rush can already accomplish and you're looking at some surprise rogue DPS on AoE where you'd expect warlocks and mages to win.

Also on a boss you wouldn't ping pong, if its the only target you'd just hit with both weapons.

I can see people trying to lesson the impact by clumping up in PVP, so that the rogue bounces to the wrong targets... I think my response do that would be using bladeflury, now I'm shredding 2 or 3 people with crazy damage.

This all assumes bladeflury would spread the damage.

I have also heard that some old talents are changing, such as deadly throw's interrupt is going to be tacked onto a combat talent, so rogues can't use their pvp gloves for it at 80, only combat rogues will have it.

I've also heard that blade twisting is going from 20% of special attacks daze to all attacks have a 20% chance.

I think combat is getting quite a bit of nice PVP strength, but it is also getting PvE power ups.

I just hope it can compete with warlocks who can blink better than mages, warriors with random executes and such...

Now I know there will be some balance complaints but I want others to keep this in mind... Blizzard has yet to get to rogues and they left them for last in TBC.

As the last class to get their skills in TBC not only did we have a broken shadow step that didn't work by launch, we are also the only class who got 2 fewer new spells or ranks than any other class in the game. In TBC we didn't get new abilities for 2 of our levels from 60-70, while every other class got at least one, we also got the bum skill anastetic poison which no rogue uses.

So... Again, keep in mind they've not even made murder spree and other talents function correctly. Just hope they don't leave rogues til last because if they do it again we will either be screwed up and too weak, or we will be massively overpowered because they didnt have time to test things properly.