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Ready Check: Zul'Aman -- Getting your first bear {WoW}

Aug 21st 2008 5:41PM As for the 3 vs. 2 healers, I typically dual heal this with a resto sham or resto druid. I am a COH Priest.

My base stats sit at 2200 + healin and 97 haste (for dual healing I find haste better simply so that i can MT heal faster.). Sham totems and buffs also pump up my stats.

Maybe your priest could dual heal it but doesn't have the gear yet? Just tossing it out there. I've never done it dual with less stats.

I'll tell you one thing though. I'm picky on the make up for my dual healing. I don't like doing it with holy pallies that much. I also need to be able to trust the skill of my other healer.

Last night we did resto druid and resto sham with me as shadow and we did extremely well on the timer and no deaths. I just respeced to COH for hex. Holy pally + resto druid go pretty good also.