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Verizon launching $80 5GB prepaid data plan next month, FiveSpot too? {Engadget}

Jul 21st 2010 4:59PM @shadowdepository

US plans include unlimited nights and weekends and unlimited mobile to mobile. Consumers make INSANE use of these two features. Also things like long distance, domestic roaming,

Additionally, US cell companies are not subsidized by the government and have to cover a significantly larger area than the Netherlands. Also, with the exception of sprint and verizon, they use different 3g bands, meaning very little data roaming to help cover the cost.

EU and US phone plans are drastically different for a whole host of reasons. you can't just look at the dollar amount and wonder what's up.

Google to disclose WiFi snooping data to regulators amid allegations it was collected intentionally {Engadget}

Jun 4th 2010 12:02PM @Basti756

Actually you are.

Please give me one example of Google Using this data for illicit purposes, or Hell, even just selling it to companies before making the source anonymous. Read their EULA. Yes, they maintain your data, but they don't share it with the world.

Then compare that to facebook, twitter, myspace, etc. that seem to have a new privacy scandal every other week where they are selling your COMPLETE data, including the advertising rights to pictures you upload.

Which company should be trusted with your data again?

Oh, and don't tell me Bing, Yahoo, etc arn't collecting the SAME exact information.

If you're online, the question is NOT "Should I share?" it is "Who am I sharing with?" Every website, unless you are paying a PREMIUM subscription service, is going to live on advertising, and some of those premium sites do too.

Google to disclose WiFi snooping data to regulators amid allegations it was collected intentionally {Engadget}

Jun 4th 2010 11:55AM @SeeKo

So you would prefer they just hand information collected over to governments whenever demanded?

Google (or bing or whatever) "Digital Due Process"

With information stored on computers, or paper, or any other medium, the court needs to follow some laws to get the info. Why should digital content be any different?

Many Verizon customers suffering from "extreme" interest in iPhone, BMX biking {Engadget}

May 24th 2010 3:52PM @hated one

10:1 You didn't even care about voice and data at the same time until apple/att pointed it out to you.

and FYI, verizon's network allows you to gps, surf, email, download games and app all at the same time, you're just not able to pretend to listen to someone on the phone while doing it.

Many Verizon customers suffering from "extreme" interest in iPhone, BMX biking {Engadget}

May 24th 2010 3:35PM The real question is finding out how many people will be interested in the device once they find out that it won't go on Bogo, they can't call in to complain that they want one for free because they were a customer for a "billion" years, or that it will require that they get the data package.

Don't forget these are verizon customer's we're talking about. They're used to a very specific way of doing things (NE2, bogo sales, complaining to get what they want, etc). I don't even know if NE2 would apply giving apple's tight control of price points.

And there are most likely a ton of people out there who assume they can get the phone without data because they "will only use it on wifi."

Or how customer's will leave a store because there "arn't enough options" when the store offers all but three current models.

That's why surveys like this shouldn't carry much weight. Unless they outright hate the device, OF COURSE they'll be interested in it. But a lot of those people won't end up buying the device because of one of the reasons above (or others not mentioned).

StarCraft II Collector's Edition to include WoW vanity pet {WoW}

Apr 8th 2010 8:09PM Sad thing is.. the thor will be more useful in wow than it is (currently) in beta, unless your enemy is massing mutas

WSJ: CBS bringing free HTML5-encoded TV shows to the iPad, ABC plans detailed {Engadget}

Apr 1st 2010 12:44PM @ebgolfin it matters because one of the biggest pushes that apple and company are making for html5 is because it is less resource intensive.

And unless they do some serious re-writes of html5, it won't be anywhere near the HD quality flash currently offers. Which, on a screen this big.. is a pretty big issue. I tried the html5 trials at youtube and wherever else I could for a time.. then i (gladly) opted back out.

And that is just video.

Flash is a huge part of several website (yes I know some are switching) but it also a huge thing for games. Do you know how often the typical cellphone rep is asked "Does this phone play farmville? because I'll get it if I can play farmville."

The point is that adobe is willing to write the code for the device, and it's been proven that if you let their team make it hardware accelerated (like it is on android and with windows PCs) it isn't a battery or CPU drain. So why is apple blocking it? HTML5 might be the future, but why are they blocking present web content now?

WSJ: CBS bringing free HTML5-encoded TV shows to the iPad, ABC plans detailed {Engadget}

Apr 1st 2010 12:23PM @Sad Sack

Actually Flash is LESS intensive on your CPU than HTML5 is for every setup but safari+mac OS. Why only mac products? See apple won't let adobe use the parts of the OS needed to make their product hardware accelerated. I've only ever had flash content crash my mabook, it works fine on my desktop and netbook.

as for draining the battery, again it doesn't. Look at the N1 tests.

Both these stories were reported on engadget, so there is no reason you shouldn't know them

Omnimo: desktop Windows given fashion makeover with Phone 7 Series flair {Engadget}

Mar 31st 2010 10:51AM @ubergeekseven

Maybe you need a on-computer mail client? I dont have any on my PC and it does this too.

The Engadget app for Android is finally, really here! {Engadget}

Mar 25th 2010 1:31PM Great job guys. Quick thing though, I noticed that if I am typing something in portrait mode and go back to landscape it resets the form. Awesome start though!