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Dec 1st 2011 1:38AM @Fletcher
Comments like this make me want to slap it's author through the internet. It shows an amazing lack of both empathy for the people affected as well as an understanding of why they're upset. It has nothing to do with "I'm a special snowflake" and everything to do with how much lots of people were invested and looking forward to a feature for months with no reason not to think it wouldn't work and every reason to think it would. People planned around having this armor. It was available on the PTR. Then suddenly it wasn't and people thought it was a bug, and asked Blizzard about it on the PTR forum. No response. People asked a LOT about it. No response. No mention of any sort of limitation of it's kind ANYWHERE in any announcement, and every reason to believe it would be available on live. No reason to think otherwise, they log in and get an error and still EVERY REASON to think it's a bug. Only later is there a blue post saying it was intended, even though NO other items for PVE or PVP were restricted in the same way.

Had blizzard talked about this before, people would have said "aww man, that stinks" and farmed a differant set. End of story. Instead Blizzard specifically told people "you have to own it and be able to equip it, and it has to have stats" just to pull a bait and switch. And you don't see why people are upset?

It's arbitrary, it's inconsistent with everything else. A LOT of people were excited about doing it. People all over the blogosphere were talking about it. WoW podcasts were talking about it. People all over the PTR forums were talking about it. There is simply no way blizzard couldn't have known how excited people were to be able to look like these sets that they already owned and could equip and wear around. It's a blizzard-created PR shitstorm and it's completely on their own plate, and I can only hope they lose more subscribers over it and do it better in the future.