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Rumor: Sam Raimi's next project is the Warcraft movie {WoW}

Jan 12th 2010 12:19PM if its similar to avatar im in :P, cgi world/live action world mixed with live actors and cgi characters/monsters :D

lets make it in 3d while we are at it :D

i will buy 10 tickets :P

Authentication problems continue {WoW}

Jul 23rd 2009 6:34PM just make a account it just changes ur username to your email and the password is the same.

Login issues reported this evening {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 11:12PM easy they are forcing everyone to make a account xD soon u wont be able to log in with out a account head my words.....

What do you expect from a WoW movie? {WoW}

Jul 22nd 2009 6:22PM the best damn movie ever! but i wish it was cgi like the cinematics :P

better than lord of the rings :)

Breakfast Topic: Would you play a Worgen or a Goblin? {WoW}

Jul 18th 2009 9:00AM i would play both since im on roleplaying realm there is no stopping rolling alliance and horde :)

Breakfast Topic: Shunning the Endgame? {WoW}

Jul 15th 2009 8:47AM i still havent raided any of the wrath content at 74 >_>, or the outland content i only got to do shattard halls, and mana tombs. so i just make lower level characters and level them a up slowly.

Breakfast Topic: Pick a faction, any faction... {WoW}

Jul 13th 2009 9:14AM i picked horde because of friends, and the horde just appeals more to me. im human in real life why would i want to play human, or a half human (dwarf), or a 1/4 human xD (gnome). the only ally i have in my group is my level 1 dranei that i havent even started playing yet.

Breakfast Topic: Do you wish we didn't have to use AddOns? {WoW}

Jul 7th 2009 9:50AM i only use quest helper now xD, im tired of updating the addons every patch they stop working, and the curse client sometimes doesnt update them for me even when i look them up :( so only quest helper atm :)

WoW Insider Show live this evening {WoW}

Mar 14th 2009 6:18PM i would like to listen cause i forgot it was live on wed